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Militarum Tempestus Allies


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They are regular FoC slots- the Command squad is an HQ, the normal squads are Troops, Taurox Primes are dedicated transports, and Valkyries are FA. (They don't have any EL or HS options.) Interestingly, their pricing on the Valkyrie is different- they only pay 10pts for the sponson HBs, where IG pay 20pts in the new book.


Note also that they have a different set of orders when taken in their own codex as compared to in an IG platoon.

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Yes. You can either take them as a normal ally (following all the rules for such) OR you can take one of the formations, just like the various dataslates that have formations available. Formations are complete entities in and of themselves and do not take your ally slot and generally have their own specific limitations of what can/must be in the formation. In the case of the MT ones, it is always a Commissar, one Command Squad, and two Scion squads plus three transports (either three Taurox Prime or three Valkyries.)

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