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H:Eldar, TK, FSA, DZ, MALI, WWX, MISC W:$$$ 40k

Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Hi folks,
Here is another round of stuff, looking for cash over trade, some lots listed that will not break up. I will be posting this on B-town in next couple days.



An Eldar army that would be interested in trading for IG/sale.  I will be working on getting specifics listed soon.  Various condition, between painted to primed. Adjustments for missing parts and oop I would value full retail as $1050.  Would like to move or sell as lot.


Current Codex

Avatar of Khaine Metal Painted

Eldrad Metal Painted

Prince Yriel

2 Farseer 6 warlocks 2 primed, 3 stripped, 3 Painted

5 Painted jetbikes, no riders

1 painted viper gun not attached

22 Dire Avengers Plastic

5 Rangers no backpacks, one gun barrel broken off painted

15 Fire Dragon Metal 5 painted, 5 stripped, 4 bare 1 exarch missing gun

15 Howling Banshees Metal 4 stripped, 11 painted

5 Howling Banshees Metal painted without swords

2 Fire prisms painted W/ metal gun 

4 wave Serpents 3 painted 1 partially painted

5 OOP Warwalkers painted


I have each Faction Deck for starters listed below.
Rebs starter – sealed retail is $30

Tomb Kings
I would sell for $60, that is roughly 25% retail or trade very much in your favor.
Some movment trays free with lot
OOP Liche Priest - Metal/Painted - 2
OOP Mounted Liche Priest - Metal- 2
Necrotect - Metal Bare - 1
Tomb King - Metal/paitned- 1
Tomb King – metal/black - 1
OOP Tomb Kings Army Standard foot - Metal Bare - 1
Tomb Scorpion - Metal/Partially Painted/unassembled- 1
Artillery crew
Bone Giant - Metal Bare plastic replacement sword- 1
Bone Giant – Converted no weapon - 1

Mix of sprues from almost all plastic tomb king kits, including skeleton horses

Good for necromunda will sell lot for $20 shipped
Frank Russo, Merc Hero NIB
Phat Flark, Gang Boss NIB
Keryx, Cyborg Assassin NIB
Boris Barayev NIB

Dasyatis Evolution NIB

All previous edition models, based only mentioned if secret weapon or some other third party basing, not factored into retail pricing (roughly $75 in basing cost). Would prefer to move as faction lots, rail crew could go in Ten Thunders or Arcanist.
Arcanists retail $540
Arsenal deck
Corphyee Duet (will throw in free, crouching model missing arms)
Howard Langston (steamborg) primed white dynamic basing
Rail Crew: Kang painted, rest mixture of fully and partially assembled all bits included
Rail Golem partial painted
Union Miners 2 painted 1 partially painted all based
Metal Gamin all 3partially painted
Willie primed white
Ramos Alt Metal (with tentacle) Painted/based matches avatar
Ramos first edition metal primed white
Ramos Avatar painted/based
9 of spiders painted, some swarm and individual some magnetized to terrain to go individual or swarm both metal versions/ all based
3 spiders set of 3 still nib
Mobile Toolkit painted/based
Brass arachnid partially painted
Soulstone Miner painted
Large Steampunk Arachnid painted/based
Kaeris painted/based
Electrical Creation Painted/based
Performer and mannequin version 2 primed black
Snowstorm Painted/based
Rasputina painted/based
Ice Golem painted/based
3 Ice gamin all painted 1 based
Wendigo painted
Essence of power painted/based
Silent one partially painted
December acolyte primed white
Gunsmith Male and Female partially painted
3 Fire Gamin Painted
Marcus primed white
Miranda bare
Cerebus bare
Rattler bare

Ten Thunders (do not have M2E Cards) retail $55
Malifaux Ten Thunders box set NOS
Ten Thunder Brothers NIB Metal

Ressers/Resurection (do not have M2E Cards) retail $210
Vulture Primed White
Grave Spirit Primed White
Rogue Necromancy Primed White
3 Rotten Belles Primed White
1 Flesh Constrict latest metal model Primed White
Nurse Primed White
2 Night Terrors primed white
1 Crooked man primed white
Nicodem Painted
3 Necro Punk Painted
1 Zombie Painted
Vulture Painted
3 Punk Zombie Partially Painted
3 Zombies non-wyrd Bare free
Bette Noir Bare
Nicodem Avatar Bare partially assembled

Firestorm Armada all nib
Terran Starter
Terran carrier
Aquan Starter
Rulebook current 2.0

Union Starter, Rule Book HB, Comics, and Templates

Cash is king, please feel free to make offers. I live in downtown Hillsboro and have 2 young children, so not easy to travel for me to travel far. I don’t mind shipping.
40K wants:
Imperial Armour books or Horus Heresy Rule book 1 - 3
IG/Astra Militarum:
Making Cadian/Gue’vesa force. I need Cadian soldiers NOS or if assembled only with super glue so can break. I’m working on SM/AM/Farsight tech force, story working on is Iron Hand successors and Adeptus Mechanicus have become tainted by the treasures of the Tau Fire Caste and are now fighting for the Greater Good.
Cadian command, platoons, and heavy weapon squads
Leman Russ Exertimantors or magnetized turrets.
Tank Commanders
Taurox NOS or assembled without tracks/wheel…(seems easy to convert into a skimmers)

Space Marines:
Forge Fathers
Thunderfire Cannon

Broadside new only
Aun shi

Dark Eldar
Razorwing Flyer

GW Terrain:
Maybe other terrain
New front line gaming Battle mat would be awesome… or some variant. I’m tired of my painted table.

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