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Brother Glacius

Android App - Realm War

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So I've recently been hooked by Realm War. It is an AoS licensed game that looks amazing. You basically have a warlord (some kick ass dude from warhammer lore) and then build a suite of seven units or spells. The mechanics are really simple. You have an energy bar that fills up over time, each unit/spell costs X and you can summon/cast them as needed when you have enough energy. You fight against other players in a 3 minute match. 

I really like it. First off, the game looks great. Very cool animations and effects...especially for a phone game. The strategy aspect is really good. There are two lanes of attack, and each warlord has a tower that defends them. There are lots of tactical options during play and it really has an impact. Also, while I have spent a few bucks in the game, I really didn't need to. It has a nice reward mechanic just for playing. Sure, if you want to drop cash in it, you can do so, but it uses a ranking system, so you'll only face people around your rank so people paying to win will quickly move on.

Very fun game. You also get to have three armies. So as you gain units and warlords, you can try out different strats and keep a favorite one as well. Also, you get to improve units and warlords with in game resources that you earn. There is also a guild system, which offers another way to earn rewards I think. It is worth checking out.

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