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I'm going to be running a Planescape campaign converting the 2nd ed modules to 5th ed.  The main plot will follow The Great Modron March through Dead Gods.  I'll be using Well of Worlds and Tales from the Infinite Staircase to provide other filler to allow for some branching to allow the players a bit more control at times, while I track the Modrons through the multiverse.  Currently, I have three players.  A fourth player should be joining in a month or so, a couple sessions in.  The players shall be starting on Generic Fantasy World and introduced to the planes via Well of Worlds: To Baator and Back, wherein the adventurers find themselves in Hell.  One of the players is a Tiefling, so that will play out interestingly in this.  Her patron is on the outs, though, in the timeline we are playing.  As I said, I'm running the 2nd ed stuff using 5th ed ruleset. The things that changed in the Planes from 3rd to present aren't a thing. I am using the Tiefling stuff from the book that came out recently for character creation.  I've allowed the players to take their race from any of the published 5th ed books, or the Midgard books, as they are familiar with that setting.  Another player is running a Firbolg, who was transported to Generic Fantasy World from Faerun, and is trying to find his way home.   thetrove.net has been a wonderful resource for the OOP items.  I've also done some searching for other peoples conversion sets for monsters, class/levels, etc that have been greatly beneficial.  The third player hasn't decided what she is playing, yet.  We start next Sunday, hopefully. 

A personal goal for me in this is to restrict the players dice rolling by as much as possible.  In our Midgard campaign, the dice rolling is a bit too much of a focus with the new players, and as such, the games tend to be a bit more meta/abstract and they don't tend to explain what they do, and rely on the DM to interpret their roll entirely.  I'd like them to get more involved in the minds eye game, and less held up on game mechanics.  It would be great if each of them just had a set of cards in front of them that outline their gear, abilities, and similar necessities, similar to the D&D board games.  

As I touched on above, the first session will be To Baator and Back, leading immediately into The March Begins.  The Firbolg, in his search to return to Faerun, started traveling with the Tiefling, a native of GFW, who is aware of the existence of the multiplanes, but unaware of how to access it.  The third will tie in however she ties in.  

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The Firbolg was apparently used in another campaign since I had him roll the character a couple months ago (preparation!), sooooo he's looking at some Crystal Monk thing from a 3rd party publisher.  I glanced it over and told him yes.  Ultimately, I am not worried about anyone being OTT/OP, as the party will be based out of Sigil.  The access to power creatures if needed to increase the encounter level is ample.  Player 3 said she wants to play a druid, but hasn't decided race.  Player 4 is looking over Races/Classes this evening with the Tiefling. She is also going to be joining us for the first session, but I don't think she wants to play yet, just watch to see.  She's never played before, only watched like youtube games.  I hope that doesn't color her perception too much, that is, I hope she doesn't try holding us to that standard.  Player 1 and 3, this is their third and second games respectively. Player 2 has been playing since 1st edition, and is obviously the old man of the group. 😁🤣  Thankfully, as a result, I have access to the Sigil boxset, with near mint books and maps.  I'm excited to be able to use the large published map of Sigil, as well as other resources and primers it has.  He also recently received a Frog God Games kickstarter for The City of Brass.  I have the PDF, now, and he is keeping the book sealed until I decide what, if anything, I'm going to use from it.  I'd like to provide the players with as much Free Form as I can, while still having the Great Modron March/Dead Gods as the main plot.  Like Elder Scrolls/Fallout3+, a giant Sandbox, but having a timer start. 

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Also, thanks to my roommate, I have access to the following "Pawn" Boxes:

Monster Codex

NPC Codex

Inner Sea

Bestiary Boxes 1-6

Skill & Shackles

Rise of the Runelords

Tome of Beasts 1 & 2

Tales of the old Margreve


This is going to give me such a wonderful array to work with in showing the realms.  My only problem at this point would be the Modrons, mostly.  Showing the spread of denizens in Sigil, and the rest of the Planes will be fun.  

Player 4 has chosen a Tiefling Spore Druid. Player 3 still hasn't decided. She was going to play a spore druid, but since the newbie, 4, decided she really liked it, 3 doesn't wanna show up in the same dress.

With two Tieflings, I'm not sure I'm going to warp them to the planes via To Baator and Back, as their Patron was the ruler of Dis, but she's currently Bel's prisoner.  Interesting dynamic I need to consider.   

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Player 3 was too hungover from a house warming party we all went to last night.  -_- Everyone else made it just fine.  Oh well. 🙂 The session went great, and we are playing again tomorrow, and 3 got to recover.  We hope to see her tomorrow, though she hasn't made her character, yet.  

Player 1 is Dragonblood Tiefling Sorcerer from the Cult of Zariel

Player 2 is Colodial Drow Monk (Adventure A Week Underworld Races & Classes)

Player 3 is undecided

Player 4 is Path of the Spores Tiefling Druid from the Cult of Zariel


The players mostly successfully navigated Well of the Worlds: To Baator and Back, and The Great Modron March: Chapter 1, currently sitting in the Epilogue until tomorrow.  They got quite blood soaked in Avernus.  Player 2 was very helpful in helping lead by example in getting player 4 into the thick of things. She even ran to FLGS to pick up dice during break time, seeing as how it is about a mile away. Great indicator of how much fun she was having.  



(Fast Forward to this morning after not publishing this last night)

Crap, I was too tired to work on the next stage, and people will be here in an hour and a half.  Player 3 is joining us. She's looking at a race from the Ravnica book, and wanting to be a spore druid.  


WIsh me luck!

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