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Enfilade 2020 v4 Late-War Flames of War Tournament - Discussion


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Taran Shannara has expressed an interest in playing more and not running ENFILADE Flames of War Tournament. Therefore I will be organizing that event for ENFILADE 2020.

This thread is not the official posting for the tournament event details, but rather a discussion area for crafting a great and competetive event: Enfilade 2020 v4 Late-War Flames of War Tournament

The theme will be D-Day and Normandy Breakout - which is aligned with the Battlefront release up to April 2020. Many of you will have 6-10 months to build a new Force or modify a v2/v3 Army List for the v4 Late War releases.

Here is a snippet forecast of the Late War Western Front forces:

July 2019, American D-Day Book:

  • D-Minus 1 Formations: Parachute Rifle Company, Glider Rifle Company,
  • D-Day Formations: Ranger Company, Assault Company, Rifle Company, Veteran Assault Company, Veteran Rifle Company,
  • Breakout Formations: M4 Sherman Tank Company, M5 Stuart Tank Company, Armored Rifle Company, M4 Sherman Veteran Tank Company, M5 Stuart Veteran Tank Company, Veteran Armored Rifle Company, M10 Tank Destroyer Company,

September 2019, German D-Day Book:

  • Beach Defenders: Infantry Company,
  • Airborne Formations: Fallschirmjӓger Company, FJ StuG Company,
  • Army Formations: Panzer IV Tank Company, Panther Tank Company, Panzergrenadier Company, Reconnaissance Company, Tiger Tank Company,

February 2020, British D-Day Book:

  • D-Minus 1 Formations: Parachute Company, Airlanding Company, Airborne Armoured Recce Squadron,
  • Hit The Beaches Formations: Sherman Armoured Squadron, Rifle Company, Veteran Rifle Company, Commando Company,
  • Breakout Formations: Churchill Tank Squadron, Cromwell Armoured Squadron, Cromwell Armoured Recce Squadron, Sherman Armoured Squadron, Motor Company,

April 2020, Waffen SS Booklet:

  • Panzer IV SS Tank Company, Panther SS Tank Company, SS Panzergrenadier Company, SS Reconnaissance Company

For more on the Flames Of War: Late War Journey, go to  https://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6359 or download https://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/LateWar/FlamesOfWarLate-WarJourney.pdf



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