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Chaos Daemons for trade or $$$


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Ok So I got over zealous and bought a bunch of  Chaos Daemons before I read my codex... I know next time I will listen to my husband. So he is graciously  letting my post on here to see if I might be able to sell or trade the ones I do not want to field for some that I do want. 


I have --- 2 seeker chariots of Slaanesh (sealed in original box)

  1-- Hearld of Tzeentch on The Burning Chariot (opnned but all there and still on the spru)

  3 -- Flamers of Tzeentch ( 2 sealed in original box.. 1 opened but all there and still on the spru)

  1  -- Nurglings  (sealed in original box)


I am looking for  -- Flesh hounds, Daemonettes, Keeper of Secrets, Daemon Prince, Blood Crushers, or cash. 



Thank you :biggrin: - Lawren

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