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Week 5: Damnation Phase Begins


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Oy, Scummers!


The hive is in disarray.  Patrols of enforcers are running amok, and hivers are in full scale revolt.  Rumors of monsters and cannibals abound.


For the next 3 weeks, several new rules come into play.  All of these are pulled from the Dark Uprising rulebook:  Starvation, Scavenging and Festering Injuries.


All territories are considered ruined, but you may now collect meat and scavenging rolls from them.  Additionally, any free recruits or retiring gangers can be turned into portions of meat.  I'm sure you're just trading their services.... don't think about it too hard.  Before your first game, roll you income, and allocate your food resources.  Anyone who isn't fed becomes subject to starvation -  their Strength counts as 1 lower for all normal purposes.  If a starving fighter activates within their max charge range of a seriously injured fighter, they must pass a willpower test.  If they fail, they will charge the downed fighter and make a cannibalize action.  A starving fighter cannot make a coup de grace, but will instead make a cannibalize action.  Because, you know, the hunger!  THE HUNGER!!


One other thing I'd like to adjust - I feel like the rules for capturing territories aren't serving folks super well.  Being on the back-foot feels super punitive.  What I'd like to do - anyone who has captured territories is fine, keep yours the way they are (and shoot me a message if your yaktribe profile doesn't represent it accurately).  Anyone who has less than 3 territories, we'll roll for new ones to get you back up to full strength.  Moving forward, I think we will just ignore capturing for the rest of the campaign.


Thanks folks

let me know if there's any questions or concerns.


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