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White Scars Winter Warzone Battle Log


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For this battle the White Scars allied with the Crimson Fists against the hated Tau xenos empire, but it should be noted agents of the archenemy were present, as well. The Alpha Legion were no doubt trying to manipulate the xenos to further their own nefarious purposes. 

An outrider detachment of White Scars was fielded to asses the enemy’s capabilities, and to try to harry them and make quick kills where possible.


Things started to go wrong immediately when a Tau warsuit with far too many guns took out the company Vindicator before the Scars had a chance to fire.


Undaunted, the Khan and a surviving squad sergeant took the fight to where they could do the most good, charging the Heretic’s transport. They would destroy it and cause the death of at least one traitor in the process.


Meanwhile, a squad of scouts on bikes charged the second Tau Commander, though they were unable to fell him as a swarm of drones arrived to take the blows for their cowardly leader.


The Khan and biker sergeant gave each other one last killing smile and charged recklessly into the nearest enemies.


In the end a lone suppressor sergeant found cover to buy him time to send back the intelligence this report is based on. His signal was lost not long afterward. It is not known what became of the Crimson Fists. At last sight, they were charging the enemy in what looked like a last-ditch effort.


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Tau xenos breed forces have again been encountered on this world. This time a battalion of White Scars has gone missing. Presumably they have taken a long way around to flank the enemy. Whenever the Master of Sanctity and Chief Librarian appear again, you can count on it being where the enemy expects it least!

Here the forces of the Scars have advanced into no man’s land:


While the Tau begin their ambush tactics:


The company Vindicator attempts to ram a breacher team:


The rear elements of the White Scars battalion report their engagement of the xenos forces:


Before long the rearguard are also embroiled in the melee:


And like that, the White Scars are gone, affecting a strategic retreat, leaving the xenos puzzled and befuddled!


We await word from the front, confident the Emperor’s Angels of Death will show themselves once more soon!


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