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  1. @Burk Should I be able to play the AI team now? When I go to Play A League Game, it's still showing the last round as unconfirmed.
  2. I've got a few Titans, but I haven't done any work on them yet. I'm not sure if I have enough for a decent game without buying one or two more, potentially... But, I'd be down to put in the hobby work to get them playable if anyone wants to play sometime say in the summer or fall...
  3. I'm working on some Alpha Legion, and I have a decent chunk of a Word Bearers force already done. I've also got loads of 40K firstborn White Scars infantry and vehicles that I'll use for HH, as well. Just wanted to keep the flag flying in case anyone is interested (once I've got the vaccine and can get back to game nights).
  4. @Weav I am free starting at 9:00 most nights. Would Monday or Tuesday work for you?
  5. 9:00 will work. Sorry about earlier.
  6. should we try again tomorrow night?
  7. @Russell Castronovo forgot the tag...
  8. woah, sorry! The time totally got away from me. I'll log in now.
  9. I’m available from 9pm on, most nights. Pick a day and it should work for me.
  10. I'm in. @CountElmdor - BB2 Team Name: Lucavi - BB2 name: Elmdor - Chaos
  11. Slaves to Darkness are so cool! I added a siege shield to my Vindicator to play with weathering on something that could literally never be messed up. I wish I could say it took talent to do this but it was actually incredibly simple and fun and took no time at all (except to let the washes dry)
  12. Apologies if posting in the Discord and here is redundant, but I’ve already got so many posts in this thread, I can’t see abandoning it now.
  13. My first Intercessors for my Ultima Founding chapter, Sons of Omegon.
  14. @peter.cosgrove When's good? Just about any evening at 9:00ish should work, for me.
  15. @Bosco would tomorrow (Monday) night at about 9:00 work? If so, then let's rock!
  16. I’m running the marines from my Betrayal at Calth box as a counts as Red Corsairs force. I wanted to add a Sorcerer, and happened to have a spare Ahriman, too, so:
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