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H: Eldar, Wood Elves W: Primaris, Tau, Stormcast


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I've got a bunch of models I don't want that I'd like to trade for models that I do want. I'll sell if I can't trade. Not interested in splitting each army. I'd like Primaris Marines (anything non ETB), Space Marine non-bike vehicles, Tau infantry or vehicles, or anything non- ETB Stormcast Eternals. I don't even care if it's not a super close trade, as long as it's not an insulting offer. I do have more pics that I can send/post if that's necessary. 

Eldar (most primed white, a couple partly painted) $100 cash value or so

2 warlocks
1 wraith guard
7 warp spiders
2 fire dragons
Fire dragon Phoenix lord (damaged axe)
9 striking scorpions
3 weapon platforms + 6 crew

Wood Elves (mix of painted poorly, bare metal, and primed white) $300 cash value or so 

16 dryads
2 treemen
4 wayfinders
3 eagles
14 war dancers
16 archers (plastic)
2 archer commands
15 Glade Guard
1 spear command complete, 2 partial
2 scouts, 1 scout champion



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