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Crazy Fred’s Cards and Comics


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A dear friend of mine, Fred Adair, was the victim of the riots. His small shop, Crazy Fred’s Cards and Comics, was already on the knife-edge due to the Coronavirus lockdown... Now it’s unlikely to recover at all.

Ordo Fanaticus, let’s show him some love.

Please, if you can, give what you can. I know times are tight for everyone, but every dollar will help him recover from this. 


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As I write this, the GoFundMe to help Fred Adair and his family has crossed the $11,000 mark... I'm amazed.

I've never actually met Fred in person. I've never set foot in his store. I only know him via Facebook and only because a former co-worker of mine used to be a regular in his store. Fred and I bonded over Facebook with our mutual love of comics, arguing about nonsense, and making fun of each other's beards. But it is obvious to me, even through these limited interactions, that Fred is a damn fine human being.

The outpouring of aid from over 200 people in the span of just a few hours and the many supportive comments left on the GoFundMe page, on the Crazy Fred's Facebook page, and elsewhere only serve to reinforce that notion. I've took the liberty of sharing the GoFundMe link the Ordo Fanaticus, here on the forum as well as on Facebook. I know most of you have never been to Crazy Fred's and most of us probably never will... But you many of have clicked that Like button and several of you have Shared the link, and that all helps to "signal boost" the message. Some of you have donated, which is just an amazing act of genuine human kindness. I'm usually a pretty cynical, misanthropic sort... I'm honestly getting a bit choked up watching this outpouring. 

Please, if you can, chip in a few dollars to help a dear friend and damn fine man. If you can't afford to give money, I understand, but please share the link.


"[A] hero is someone who is concerned about other people's well-being, and will go out of his or her way to help them -- even if there is no chance of a reward. That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero." -Stan Lee


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