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Looking for 5 plastic Battle Sisters


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So I've got almost everything that I need for my Sisters of Battle army that I'm starting up for 9th, EXCEPT MY 3RD TROOP CHOICE. Everyone seems to be out of the basic Battle Sister Squad box, and I'm not able to order it locally or through GW, and not wanting to spend $100 for them on Ebay. So I'm looking for 5 Sisters to finish off my 1500 point list.

Ideally it would be 1 Sister Sargent (Superior?) with a chainsword and 4 Sisters with Bolters, but 5 Bolter Sisters will do just fine. Don't care if they are assembled, prefer not painted but I will make it work if need be. From the starer box is fine too. Just looking for current plastic though, to match the rest of the army.

Have paypal at the ready, happy to pay for shipping too if need be.


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