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H: 40k Orcs W: $$$


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You ever wanted to be a Warboss of a WAAAGGGH!  Well, I have the deal of a lifetime for you.  In fact, this deal is so amazing that I am now seeing a doctor for my delusions.  What I'm about to list, and follow up with pictures, easily retails at over $2,000.00.  That's right, you read that correctly.  I am selling this lot for $800.00.  This is an all or nothing package.  Any PMs about splitting these up will be deleted.

Codex: Orcs, Data Cards, Custom Made army tokens, 2 army transports, and a kit bash guide for custom bikerz or warbuggies

Boyz- 65 with choppas, 40 with shootas, 10 big shootas, 3 rokkit launchas

Nobz- 25 (various loadouts)

Killa Kans-5

Warboss-5 (various loadouts)

Bikers- 4

Painboyz- 2 (one on foot, one on a bike)

Various Artillery- 5


Stormboyz- 27 (metal and plastic)

Battlewagon w/deffrolla upgrade- 2

Weird Nob- 3

Nob W/Waaagh! banner- 1

Big MEK w/KFF- 1

Gretchin- 30

Lootas- 15

Wazdakka Bomba- 1

Dakka Jet- 2

Trukks- 2

Shockjump Dragsta- 1

Deffkilla Wartrike- 1

Big Mek w/SAG- 1

Kommando's- 15

Boss Snikrot

Burna Boyz- 21 (metal and plastic)

Deffkopta- 7

Deff Dread-1


More Bitz than a Big Mek!!!!!

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