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Contrast and Chill - Episode 7


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A Very Special Holiday Episode

Why is it so special? Well, for one, it's the holidays and that makes everything special. For two, this episode is all about other people's Contrast tutorials. In other words, I didn't have to paint anything to make this content, thus I am celebrating the holidays by not working. Think about it. 

Paint ANYTHING to this standard in less than an hour! by Trovarian Miniatures
Why is this #1? Because in a word, this tutorial is pure awesome. I have a scientific checklist to prove it: Chris, the host, doesn't spend the first minute-and-a-half blathering about who he is, why he made this, and please subscribe - he just gets into it; he fast-forwards through the slow parts of painting; he covers everything: assembling & cleanup, priming, basing, basecoats, drybrushing, Contrasts as washes, metallics, wet blending, basing - including Technical paints and grass tufts; and he does all of this with a friendly, light tone that is welcoming and encouraging for both new painters and crusty vets looking for new techniques. And the coup de grace of this masterpiece? It's about Blood Bowl models! This is The Greatest Miniature Painting Tutorial Ever (TM). 


JuanHidalgo Miniatures - Contrast Catalog
Juan is a delight to watch. He's funny with his delivery, pragmatic with his tips, and an extremely skilled painter. He's done an entire series on using Contrast for all the founding Space Marine Chapters, which gives you a guide for just about every color you want to tackle for your own miniatures. He adds new videos all the time and has expanded far beyond plain old Space Marines into virtually all corners of the Warhammer hobby. 

The catalog: https://www.youtube.com/c/JuanHidalgoMiniatures

An example: 

Non metallic metals with contrast paints - Darren Latham 
We end the list at the opposite end of the scale from Trovarian. Darren Latham is a well-known professional painter who has both pioneered and perfected some of the most advanced techniques in miniature painting. On the other hand, his personal blog and tutorials (I use that word lightly) are abysmal compared to the guys above. But the great masters in history were rarely great teachers. Instead, you learn by observing their results and attempting to emulate them (and beating your head against the wall over and over and over). Darren has published his NMM technique with both normal Citadel paints and Contrast and his results with Contrast are definitely worth checking out and trying. I am currently working on a model to practice this technique and I can attest to the head-beating-wall results so far. Consume this with caution! 


Happy Holidays!
Thanks for reading this Very Special Holiday Episode. I hope you all have a nice break from work, get some quality family time, maybe a killer hobby gift from Santa, and of course, get some painting sexytime in to Contrast and Chill! 


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