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New player hoping to join the community!

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Hey there, I'm Will! I'm a hobbyist who loves painting miniatures and is starting to get into the gaming side.

Here are the miniatures games I have connection to

  1. Marvel Crisis Protocol - I have a bunch of painted minis and know all the rules, would love to find more people to play with
  2. Age of Sigmar - I just started an Idoneth Deepkin project. I've never played a game, but I did play Warhammer Fantasy 10 years ago.
  3. 40K - I plan to pick up the new orkz when they finally come out :)

I hope to meet you all some time, and build a bit of community. If you play any of these games, and wanted to get some sort of regular gaming cadence in, I'd be so happy!

Thanks for having me

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