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Looking to sell my last AoS army. Fully painted Ironjawz army at close to 4k points which would let you play a variety of ways.

Looking for $900 which is about 35% off GW MSRP. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like additional photos.

Happy to meet up at any of the local game stores in the PDX area 

Included in the army are:
Current Orruk Warclans battletome
Acrylic buff tokens to keep track of +1 damage, 3d6 charge, etc
2x megaboss on mawkrusha
3x megaboss on foot (including warhammer+ version)
3x warchanters
1x weirdnob shaman
1x fungoid shaman
1x Mapcap shaman (model from the old warhammer fantasy days)
1x wurgoog prophet
12x goregruntas
15x brutes
28x ardboyz
Warband ironskulls boyz (can also be used as 4 ard boys)
Chronomatic Cogs endless spell
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