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Ash Wastes Campaign - FAQs


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Hey all

I've been parsing rules, prepping for our upcoming campaign at Ordo.

Drafted up this set of guidelines after answering some questions coaching a member through gang/vehicle creation.

Tossing it here for review before including it into my upcoming (slowly) campaign info pack.   Let me know if it doesn't jive with how you read the rules, etc.  Hopefully its a good reference if anyone is looking.  As with all Necromunda - House rules and Arbitrator Rulings are common, so feel free to change or ignore rules that don't match your groups' desired experience.


Creating Custom Vehicles


Follow the rules laid out in the Wasteland Workshop section of the Book of the Outlands.

A few notes about concerns that may not be readily apparent.

You must purchase a crew member - typically this is either a Scum Racer or your House Gangs’ Crew Type.  House Gangs Crew members may be in Book of the Outlands, any of the 3 Aranthaian Succession campaign books, or in the Apocrypha Necromunda book.  Updated Vehicle Weapon Lists for House gangs are in the Apocrypha Necromunda Book.  Squats and Enforcers may use the Vehicle Weapons and Wargear from their STC pattern vehicles as a guide for permissible starting vehicle Weapons and Wargear with Arbitrator approval.


Custom Vehicles Start with one Weapon Hardpoint that does not use any of the available upgrades for the vehicle.

  • You must Select either Crew Operated or Passenger Operated at purchase.

  • You must determine the Weapon’s firing Arc at this point.  A single Arc (Front, Right, Left or Rear) is included for free, additional arcs may be added for 15 credits each.

Additional Weapon Hardpoints will use 1 available Body upgrade for the vehicle, cost 40 credits and are Rare (8) - meaning they may not be purchased at gang creation unless the Arbitrator has allowed for purchasing a number of Rare items upon gang creation.

Custom Vehicle Upgrades can only be selected as described on page 63 of the Book of Outlands upon Gang creation from the limited list provided.   STC pattern vehicles similarly have their own restrictions provided with their Equipment Lists.  Other upgrades purchased from the trading post may only be fitted during the campaign if allowed in a vehicle’s equipment list

As far as I can tell, there is no mechanic for removing upgrades from a vehicle, nor for placing them into the Gang’s stash once they’ve been installed.  An option to remove or replace them once fitted to a vehicle will only be available via petition to the Arbitrator.   This is not true for weapons or wargear - weapons may be removed or fitted to a weapon hardpoint to and from the Gang’s stash in between battles.

* Note* Yaktribe does not fully portray Upgrade restrictions, Weapon Hardpoint costs, Crew vs Vehicle Weapon lists, etc.  Look to your  Arbitrator for questions, suggestions or approval for any nonstandard builds you are attempting.

Repair costs for vehicles are determined by the vehicle base cost plus any upgrades, but not crew, weapon or wargear costs.   It is recommended you note this credit value on your Vehicle Card for reference during campaign play.

Vehicle Crew are only ever fielded with their vehicles.

Gang members that have been equipped with wargear that gives the Mounted special rule gain a modified ‘Tools of the Trade’ rule that allow them to be fielded without their mount during Underhive games.

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On 3/27/2024 at 3:43 PM, Painglove said:

Working on the Enforcers and their Tauros! When are we aiming to launch?

I'm just recovering from a week of vacation - but I think I've got things ready to go - so either 1 or 2 weeks?  If folks are ready we can start right quick, but I always want to give any lurkers time to pull the trigger.

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