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The Deluge - An Ordo Fanaticus Necromunda Campaign - Spring '24

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The Deluge - Awash in Victor’s Valley


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The Setting

A Nomad’Se


s Story

Vharg’Rai Urh’Nag stood surveying the land from a ridgeline, on this blessedly clear day.  Remarkably, you could see both of the highways used by the hive-dwellers from this spot, even if it was just the glinting of glass at such a vast distance.  Below them, in the lee of the ridge, the younglings struggled with the tethered Helamites.  The scuttlers were uneasy, as the ground thrummed.  Not with the rumble of a quake, nor of distant machines.  This was something that even the elders had not ever known.  The Storm Caller had foretold it, and summoned a long forgotten word to describe it.  “The Deluge”   They knew flash floods from the occasional acid rain storm, but those were quickly gone, and one could easily tell the path among the crevices and ash dunes.  This was apparently entirely underground, and during a dry season.  Somewhere, in the Spire, a massive reservoir of water had burst, and it was carving out a path in the long buried domes below their feet, infusing the land with chemicals, sewage and moisture.   When asked what it foretold, the Caller had announced solemnly, “Life.  Much new life.”  The tribe had buzzed, thinking of a fruitful year - a season of relative ease.   But Urh’Nag knew better.  They would sound the war calls.  Nothing in the wastelands was ever easy.  Outsiders would come.  This under storm would bring life, but also death.




Victor’s Valley Travelogue

Hemmed in between two minor arterial highways, just outside the shell of a minor spire of the Quinspirus cluster, lies a region known locally as Victor’s Valley.  Despite the proximity to the hive wall, the distance from any serviceable ash gate, as well as the fierceness of local nomads bands has meant that few efforts have been made to establish settlements or obtain resources within the area.   However, after the drowning of Medon’s Mire, and the subsequent cracking of that hab dome, all of that changed.   As the waters eventually drained away, flotsam and detritus of all types could now be found by the adventurous spelunker.   Pools of water and chemicals could be found where there had once been only ash.  Victor’s Valley may now begin to live up to its name.  If an aspiring gang can make the right score, or influence the right factions, any number of untold riches might be able to be found in this short window of fecundity.  Or the changing of seasons may come, and sweep the region back under the ash.  Such is the cycle on Necromunda.  In the wastelands you may thrive, or you may die.  But with this Deluge has come a brief bloom of hope.




Gang Creation



Players may either create new gangs or Splinter Gangs if they took part in The Sinking of Medon’s Mire.  Gangs are built as outlined in the NCR (Necromunda Core Rulebook) for the Nomads of the Underhive Campaign format.


  • Each player has only 700 credits to create their starting gang, rather than the usual 1,000 credits. If fighting in the ash wastes, each player only adds 300 credits to spend on vehicles and wargear that grant the Mounted condition instead of the usual 400 credits.

    • Note - More than 300 credits can be spent on vehicles and wargear that grant the Mounted condition if it comes out of the remaining 700 credits if desired. The risk here is that campaign games may be set in the Ash Waste or Underhive - Players who spend heavily on Vehicles will be at a disadvantage in Underhive games where these models can not be fielded

  • The scarcity of goods in this type of campaign means that gangs are limited in the equipment they can have:

    • Gangs may not begin with any equipment that, in the Trading Post, has a Rare (X) or Illegal (X) trait with the value of X being greater than 10, even if included on their House list

    • Gangs may not purchase during any post-battle sequence any equipment that, in the Trading Post, has a Rare (X) or Illegal (X) trait where X is greater than 10.

    • Gangs may purchase any other equipment from either their House or the Trading Post as normal.

    • Some Skills and Territory Boons modify the Rare (X) or Illegal (X) value of items, and will allow for the circumvention of this rule.

  • There is an Income Cap and Territory Cap that may increase as the campaign goes on.

    • Gangs cannot earn more than 100 credits in each Campaign Week, regardless of the source, though other rewards from scenarios and Territories can be gained as normal.

    • At the end of each Campaign Week, after gaining any Boons from them, each gang must discard all but one of its Territories. They may choose which Territories to discard.

      • Road Sections, Settlements, and Intrigue act similar to Territories, (e.g. providing Boons) but are not affected by the Territory Cap





The Deluge campaign format is built to track narrative growth as gangs progress, with caps being increased, Trading post restrictions removed, and Plot Goals being declared by gangs at the end of each phase.   These will be introduced by the Arbitrator as they become relevant, and as the campaign progresses along the different Phases.


Proposed Schedule:


Cycle 1 -  4.11, 4.18, 4.25

Cycle 2 -  5.2, 5.9, 5.16

Cycle 3 -  5.23, 5.30, 6.6

The First Bloom phase - 9 weeks (3 Cycles)

  • Gangs will seize and utilize territories during this period of rapid growth in an underdeveloped area.  

  • Weekly Campaign games will have a fixed Scenario Selection and Fixed Territory rewards for both winners and losers.

  • Each Gang will have the opportunity to challenge one other gang each cycle, this should allow for each player to get two Challenge Games each cycle (Claiming between 2 and 4 territories).  

  • Boons can be collected before and after each Challenge game.

  • Additional games can be played using the Gang Raids format detailed in the Apocrypha Necromunda book.  Territories cannot be staked for these games, and Boons are not collected during the Pre- and Post- Battle sequence for Gang Raids.


Downtime phase - 1 or 2 Weeks (1 Cycle) TBD


The Flourishing Wastes phase X Cycles (TBD)

  • Unveil Path and Plot Systems - Increase Caps for Income and Territory.   New Gangs can join, starting at 1000/400 Credits.


The Reaper’s Call phase - X Weeks (TBD)


Trading  Post


Deluge Shops.jpg

For additional immersion,  players may use the following PDF to further limit item purchases.  This may be mandatory at some point, but is presented for trial and critique at this time.


Trading Post.pdf







Territories will be tracked on the Posted Map - Hazard Stripe Lines represent Road Sections.
White Dots represent Territories and Wasteland Ruins. 

Gangs will place their Outpost on the map - Physical proximity of Locations will not have any in game effect during the First Bloom phase.

The Deluge Territory Cards.pdf

Missons and Battle Sequence Guide


The Deluge Campaign Misson Tables.pdf


Pre Battle Sequence


  1. Make a Challenge & Stake Territory

  2. Recruit Hired Guns

  3. Determine Scenario

  4. Set up the Battlefield

  5. Choose Crews

  6. Announce Territory Boons 

  7. Gang Tactics

  8. Deployment 

Post Battle Sequence

  1. Wrap-up

    1. Clear Recovery

    2. Succumb to Injuries

    3. Being Captured

    4. Claiming Scrap

  2. Assign/Reassign Territory

  3. Receive Rewards

  4. Collect Income

  5. Post-battle Actions

  6. Update Roster

    1. Clean House

    2. Visit the Trading Post

    3. Gain Boons from Territories

    4. Distribute Equipment

    5. Purchase Advancements

    6. Update Gang Rating

  7. Report Results


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I'm not sure I can be ready in a week - I was working on an all mounted Ash Waste themed gang, but it sounds like that won't work in this campaign. Plus, I'm booked heavy prepping for the US Open 40k event... might have to play it by ear or skip this one. 

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Little schedule tweak -  setting a schedule of 3 weeks per 'Cycle', with the goal that folks can get two campaign games in during that period.  Gang Raid games are an option for the enthusiastic who can make it every time, but figuring folks will have a variety of conflicts, etc.  But overall goal - 2 games every 3 weeks.

I'm also looking at adding a couple 'tiers' of involvement and offical sign up location.  Feel free to post up here, or message me, in the interim.

Folks looking for the traditional campaign experience should sign up as a "Ganger", folks that want to play but aren't anticipating having enough availability to take part regularly can field a "Hive Scum" gang and take part on an interim basis, opting to track Xp, injuries and costs if desired, but not required.   Details to come.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Cycle 1 Complete

Current state of the Campaign and Map


<insert a photo of the updated Campaign Board here>

We've had games from @Some_goob @Wienskeet @ninefinger and @sankaku_jime.

Players will need to discard down to one Territory before receiving their next Claim, unless they've got an Influence Card - which I think just translates into @ninefingerdiscarding his Wasteland Ruins.

Cycle 2 challenges can be made as soon as Gangers know their Claims (really anytime....)

We can certainly still roll ppl in, if there's anyone that wants to jump on board, or sign folks up as Hive Scum mercenaries to play pickup games.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm really jealous, guys - but also glad it sounds like everybody is having a blast so far. 

I couldn't make this campaign work - family drama, and prepping for the US Open, so lots of travel for events, but hoping to jump back in on the next one. I'm jonesing for a game!!! 

Have fun, and catch ya next setting! 

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