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Obsidian Knight


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Hello there,


According to my copy of Apocalypse War Zone:  Damocles, here are the rules for "The Obsidian Knight:"



The Obsidian Knight is a lone Freeblade Knight who came to prominence during the heavy fighting of the Damocles Crusade.  Many years later, as the Tau Empire sought to reestablish its dominance of the Lithesh Sector at the outset of their Third Sphere Expansion, the Obsidian Knight would return once more to fight his hated foe.  Though the cause of the Freeblade's reckless hate of the Tau remains a mystery, the Obsidian Knight has become an implacable nemesis of the xenos.





WS 6    BS 6    S 10    F Armour 13    S Armour 12    R Armour 12    I 4    A 3    HP 6


400 points

Unit Type:  Super-heavy Walker

Unit Composition:  1 Knight Paladin Seneschal



*  Rapid-fire battle cannon    *  Reaper chainsword

*  Two heavy stubbers          *  Ion shield



Rapid-fire battle cannon     Range 72"    S  8    AP 3    Type  Ordnance 2, Large Blast

Heavy stubber                     Range 36"    S 4    AP 6    Type  Heavy 3

Reaper chainsword             Range -       S D     AP 2    Type  Melee




Fear, Hammer of Wrath, Invincible Behemoth,

Move Through Cover, Outflank, Rage, Relentless,

Preferred Enemy (Tau Empire), Smash, Strikedown




Hope it helps, sorry it's not just a copy of the page.


Stay safe,



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