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Hopefully this is the right forum for this...



So back in the 90s/early 2000s my brothers and several friends were playing several CCGs quite heavily. Oh, never the BIG" ones...no Magic, Versus, L5R, YuGiOh, Pokemon...we played the daylights out of Ultimate Combat, Battletech (please someone resurrect this as an LCG/ECG/whatever euphemism someone wants to use), raw Deal, Doomtown...


Of course Doomtown was harrowed far too early but we all kept some of the cards and talked non-stop about bringing it back as an occasional play. Well, AEG resurrected it (or as one wag commented, Doomtown finally made its Harrowed pull...funny to anyone who played the game and probably been told by a lot of people) and we learned this a few months ago. 


As soon as we learned the release date, we put our heads together and figured out the first available day to play was Friday the 12th. We blocked it out on our calendars. I turned down free golf, no less...canceled a dentist appointment...we are going to play. 


Called my preferred LGS, ordered a box. Went in physically a week later to pre-order second box. Then the store changed who was running it. I went in personally, talked to the new guy to make sure it was still on order. Two boxes. He assure me it was. I haunted the AEG forums, the Gomorrah Gazette...even with no new info coming out. Love this game, excited for this game. 


Tuesday, release day. Called to make sure it was in, was going to actually take a lunch, something I do about once every three months, to pick up the cards. They had not ordered it. Crestfallen, I called my secondary backup gamestore. They had gotten it in...and sold out. Might be getting more in. Called a third. They had not gotten it in yet. Called a fourth...they had not even heard of it.


We are talking major crisis here. This is unacceptable. 


Fortunately my back-up game store DID get some in Wednesday, I headed straight there after work, bought the last two boxes. They tried to lure me in to coming to play with their Monday night group, but I play racquetball pretty much every Monday and don't want to be the stereotypical stenchy card guy...which I would be after racquetball...plus get there late...


But tomorrow 4 of us have pizza, chips, soda, and a crap ton of Doomtown.


Anyone else even remotely as excited about this game as I am?


Also, is there anyone in the Beaverton area (think 217) interested in playing?

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Ya'll are missing out. Had 5 last night, only got in about 5 hours of play but much pizza was crushed. Furthermore, very fun game with rules that are pretty tight. We had maybe 8 questions come up...and after perusing the rules they were all answered fairly clearly. With one exception every game was close including the epic final game that saw Fullur miss that if he passed he would win, made one more play...his opponent then came back to keep him from winning, they ended up with 2 consecutive turns that went to the third tie-breaker still tied, and in the final shootout one guy self-removed his last dude to give himself a winning hand and win the game.


I highly recommend Doomtown Reloaded

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Based on there being only two people in the thread, I am guessing not a ton of interest...but anyone interested in meeting up at FLGS in Beaverton to play some Doomtown? Not high-level play...I have 2 cores and 7 decks built, have not even put the second set of jokers in any deck yet, so not highly tuned decks obviously...I just love rotating decks, playing a different deck every game. Looking for like-minded opponent who just wants to play some "fun" Doomtown as opposed to "tournament level, I tuned this deck, took out every card that did not meet my draw structure and destroy you"...I had my days of playing that way in card games, enjoyed them, now am much more mellow.


I have played maybe 20 games so far and enjoyed them throughly, even including the TWO times I have had 8-11 card hands and been beaten by the guy with a 5 card hand, 1 redraw who drew 5 of a kinds...those things just make the game even better. Unless I am in a tournament...

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Lemme know when you come up to Seattle.   :smile:

you laugh...but the better half really wants to hit the Great Wolf Lodge and I smurfing near did come up there to see the Cowboy game...we hit Seattle a few times a year, and I think are planning to come up there when the Last Comis Standing peeps are at some casino or other up there, so I may hit you up depending on what part of the metropolis you are in

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