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  1. @WreckingBallI'll see what I can do to free up some time tomorrow evening. I should know by noon, probably be aiming for sometime after dinner.
  2. Thanks to @Swensos83for an amusing match. I hope he was able to enjoy it in spite of the dice... I thought you all were kidding about how badly the dice hated him but I swear he must wake up every morning and pee in Nuffle's Cheerios. I had two outright kills (at least one was a Journeyman) and his own dice were equally unfriendly to him.
  3. Sorry, @Swensos83, life has been busy. What does your weekend look like?
  4. @Swensos83Looking forward, you and I have drawn each other for week 4. I'm available Monday if things roll and then I am busy until Thursday/Friday. Let me know what kind of availability you have. I am eastern so starting later than about 8p Pacific is hard for me.
  5. Looks like Div. 2 Day 3 is ready to be rolled but appears that the folks in power are out having fun without us?
  6. @Russell Castronovook, Div 2 is rolled and 3p this afternoon actually works well for me if you are still available. If not, let me know what your weekend looks like and I will see what we can make work. (You can also find me on Discord and I will post in the Bloodbowl thread on the Ordo discord if you want to message me there as I should be online all day).
  7. Looks like Rhuell and I were the final match of week2 for Division 2. A silly little match in which the dice took time to hate on both of us. Yes, goblins did 6 casualties to lizardmen by the end (well, ok, they did 4 and the pitch did 2 more) and my apothecary decided to take a smashed hand and cut off the arm to save the patient. (Anyone in the market for an apothecary, only used once?) @Russell CastronovoLooks like we're up for next match. Let me know some times that work well for you.
  8. @RhuellYou gonna be ready to play some Bloodbowl soon, Sir?
  9. @Rhuell You and I are paired for day 2. Looks like all the matches for day 1 are complete now and just waiting for the boss folk to confirm. What's your schedule look like?
  10. As mentioned, I was traveling for work. I am back now and have accepted my ticket. Let the pain begin!
  11. Not a problem. Just making sure I didn't miss something and leave people waiting for me. I am traveling for work next week so I won't be able to check things then.
  12. Tickets have not gone out have they?
  13. I think (hope) it is new rosters. If it is a continuation of old teams I probably need to change teams to survive the first matches where I will meet skills and have none of my own.
  14. Just a heads up... I am travelling for work the week of 8/2 and the week of 8/30. I will be totally offline those two weeks and will respond when I get back in case things pick up specifically in those weeks.
  15. Duckman; Duckman; Crotchety Old Brood; Lizardmen
  16. I want to participate this season but I want to confirm a couple of things first... This will be entirely through BB2 online (since I am three time zones away). I am going to be travelling a bit over the next two months and will not have my gaming computer with me when I go. Two of these should be week-long (including weekends) but one is potentially two weeks long... Will that be a problem?
  17. Ah, the memory of good times when my money didn't straight into the CGL [big bad swear word]ter (remodel) and jousting lessons. Kinda NSFW based on subject matter (enough to get it an R rating in 1989)
  18. This one is my girl who is a newfoundland (very small, weighing in at right about 100 lbs). I'll see if I can get a picture of her brothers that does not violate size limits.
  19. Been a while since I watched that one but I can see that interpretation... As I recall it got a lot darker between Butcher's storyline and the new Super that shows up (trying to avoid spoilers). I didn't get to the point of pulling the ripcord but I did find it a bit more of a slog (although I agree it was probably better written).
  20. And see, this is the same problem I have with JL in a nutshell. Batman *can* fight and kill Superman. Why the heck can he *not* fight Steppenwolf? Aside from GRR Martin, *nobody* writes stuff where the outcome is indeterminate (and George's writing is so bad that the only logic to when characters die is "I was bored of him" so that's not an improvement). I mean, let's get serious... DCU is the one we were talking about 6 months ago with Wonder Woman '84. Did you have any questions about the outcome there? Was there something I missed where Maxwell Lord wished to be invincible and able to take punches from an Amazon? Don't get me wrong... I'm not denying what you are saying about the MCU... I'm just saying DC is not doing it better. I will *totally* buy the argument that this felt ZSJL offered you something different and unexpected. It didn't do that for me but that has more to do with my expectations than the movie itself.
  21. Are you on a shared server? If so then go steal them from one of the people ahead of you (since they cleaned out the Delves you need). If you're alone on your server (e.g. on your private desktop) then you just need to hit more delves. If there aren't many in the forest biome you are in then move to the next one, at least to explore.
  22. So many movies... Live and Let Die, Alien, Brubaker, The Running Man, Midnight Run, so many others... Amazing actor.
  23. How to overwhelm with information... First, let's admit that there are loads of switches and things that can be manipulated in Wargame and you are probably not starting with "Let's build a custom force deck" as the first one when you begin thinking about how to play. That said, the following examination of a custom force deck tells you *so* much about what is going on under the covers that I think it makes for a *wonderful* introduction to the details of play. Note where the conversation talks about the rock/paper/scissors play of infantry, armor and air and how lightly armored vehicles (including armored helicopters) can be used. Also note the places he discusses micro-management and where it can benefit units. This should help you get a feel for things to look at in your own OoB (even default ones) to get a plan for your approach to a match.
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