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Fall cleaning: Ral partha dragons and random stuff: make offer


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Dragon with rider

Oriental looking dragon

4 headed hydra

Storm giant

Frost giant

Other giant (roman looking?)

A few legion of justice lancer blisters

A bunch of archers and swordsman and spearmen


A big resin modular dungeon set approx 100 pieces or so


I'd love to get rid of the models as a lot and the terrain as a separate lot. I live in kelso so if you come get it you will get an even better deal. Pm me your email or phone number for pictures. It is painted or partially painted or bare.


Other stuff:


One painted warhammer fortress


Khador battlebox plastic sorsha is assembled

Berserker x2

Marauder plastic

Destroyer plastic


Grey lord ternions

Kovnik valachev




3x stormsmiths



Jr warcaster


I will add more as I find it.

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