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TSHFT Seattle (40k/Fantasy GT)

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It was requested that I post this up here.


For those who don't know, this is a 50-60 person 40k and Fantasy GT that is taking place in Seattle on January 10-11th.


It's a smaller GT, but is using the Frontline Gaming format found here:




I thought it would be perfect for some of the WarHamsters who maybe haven't been to a GT before. While by a GT's nature it is competitive, it's a minor event when compared to say, the LVO, Nova, Adepticon, etc. There will be some pipehitters there but I would speculate that well over half the field will not be regular tournament circuit guys.


I will be there, I plan on using it as practice for LVO. I will not be staying at the hotel, I'll just drive to Seattle in the morning. If anyone would like to carpool, let me know.


At the end of the day, however you like to play 40k, it's still a 5 game event within driving distance. Worth it as far as I'm concerned.



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Next weekend and there is still tickets for both, I'm running the fantasy side, and we've only got 15 people. 


I'd like to add the guy who I'm running it for is trying to get these things to be gigantic quick and doesn't seem to mind losing money on an event or two to speed up growth, and in interests of that he's giving away 4 cruise tickets per game system to add some incentive.


I was at the first cruisehammer this last October and it was a blast, looking forward to Cruisehammer 2016 to Alaska, and 4 people per game system will win tickets.


They are:

Best Overall (Fantasy)/ Best General (40k)

Best Painted

Best Sportsman

and one lucky raffle winner


If you're on the fence, maybe that'll talk you into coming. (Currently 4 cruise tickets for 15 fantasy players!).

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