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Warriors of Moustache - W: $, Wii U, Xbox One, PS4


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Don't much care for the End of Times so I'm offering up the Warriors of Moustache, my lovingly converted Warriors of Chaos army with Empire flair. As a long time Empire player, I decided to shake things up a bit by trying out Chaos -- but wanted to keep the grandiose Empire aesthetic. Nearly every model converted. Approx. retail is $750: make an offer today!



Mounted Lord (Kurt Helborg, finecast)
 Mounted Battle Standard Bearer (Ludwig Schwarzhelm, finecast)
 Mounted Sorcerer (Gamezone Priest, bare metal)
Sorcerer on Foot (not shown, but is an Empire Warrior Priest w/two hand weapons, partially painted)

 16 Warriors of Chaos, handweapon/shield, full command - with character makes a unit 6 wide, 3 deep. Converted Warriors with Empire Knight heads and Bretonnian Men at Arms shields. Champion needs hands/shield. Standard Bearer converted from Gamezone Brave Page Boy and Bretonnian Battle Standard.

 16 Warriors of Chaos, handweapon/shield, full command -- Converted Warriors with Empire Knight heads and Bretonnian Men at Arms shields. Champion is an OOP dwarf from the Prince Uther's Dragon Company. He's primed black and has a magnet on his back from his previous owner. Standard is a converted Mordheim captain with no legs on a wheelbarrow being pushed by a Mordheim dreg. His banner is from Gamezone.

 6 more Warriors of Chaos painted with blue armor / lion-skin capes. These are partially built and don't have weapons/shields. I was going to use them as crew for War Altar / chariots and such and would then have to give them halberds or something. In a pinch, they can be used as a fourth rank too.

28 Marauders, handweapon/shield, full command - with character makes a unit 5 wide, 6 deep. Bretonnian Men at Arms with sword conversions and old 6th Ed Empire Lion Shields. Musician needs his arms/drum painted (included) and some need their heads attached (included). Includes a metal Questing Knight banner to swap out with the current plastic one (I put it on hastily for a tournament). Questing Knight Banner is base coated red.

5 Marauder Horsemen w/champion, spears. Swapped out horses with Empire Pistolier ones. I have extra round lion shields if you want them to match the Marauders.

5 Chaos Knights w/Lances, champion & musician. Knights are from the Karl Franz/ Elector Count kit, champion is from the Empire General kit. All horses are the beefier Empire ones from the General's kit and War Altar. I have shields for them.

War Shrine. Includes Volkmar on sprue and the war altar railing so you can put him at the tower door (you just need to build a small piece of semi-circular floor for him to stand on). Converted from the Skull Vane Manse tower, War Altar Griffin statue and various other bits and pieces. Truly a stunning centerpiece model!

Hell Cannon (Giant Helblaster). Features nine Commodore Cannon barrels from Warmachine, frame from the Skull Vane Manse, Scibor Rosette of Death on the back and various bits / giant cart wheels. For crew, I used the Mordheim Ogre and two Empire-looking Ogre Maneaters, but you could sub them out with some dwarf crew and use them as a small unit of Chaos Ogres with Great Weapons.

Chimera/Manticore (not shown). Death Wing on sprue -- his back does have a chunk taken out that you would need to cover / fill in. You could build him with the dual-head and count him as a Chimera (maybe even squeezing in the third eagle's head) or find him a mount as use him as a Manticore. Includes mounted Beast Wizard on sprue. Cool!

OTHER IDEAS -- the following are NOT INCLUDED in the auction, but are simply ideas if you want to expand this army: Giant built/painted in an Empire scheme, War Altars as chariots (or an Ogre pulling a War Altar as a Slaughterbrute Chariot), converted wolves, lions or bears as Skull Crushers, Forge World's Carmine Dragon.

Army will come packed in TWO GW ARMY CASES for safety during transport. The one holding the Hell Cannon, Ogres and War Shrine isn't filled with foam -- just a single layer and I padded between models with a t-shirt during transport. I'll wrap them all in bubble wrap during shipping to make sure they get to you safe.

 Want Paypal primarily, but will consider trades for Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One stuff.   Also need a new 360 wireless controller (my start button broke).


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