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Space Hulk Ascension


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This looks like the game we have all been waiting for regarding a PC version of Space Hulk. For some reason DA didn't make the cut for a skin choice but it looks really fun. There are many customization options and the different chapters all give a slight bonus. Ultra Smurfs are good at shooting, Blood Angels have extra psyker points to play with, and Space Wolves (why they are here who knows) are better at melee. I bought the first version for 2 bucks and this newest version is 25% off right now on steam but I would wait for a sale personally. It has great reviews and I would encourage Space Hulk lovers to make the effort to buy!

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I wouldn't say the first one is terrible it just isn't worth anything more than 10 bucks. I played it again this weekend and although this new version looks awesome, I won't buy it until I have ground my way through number 1.


I have never played the true board game. I don't even know why sergeant Gideon even exists let alone Claudio. Other than being a road block that rips open doors melee is basically a death sentence.

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