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Xenonauts: An Amazing XCOM Clone


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The original Xcom from 1994 has always been my favorite game. I come back to it yearly. It's as perfect as a game can get. I got xenonauts a few weeks ago and think I've finally found a game to replace it! It's nearly exactly Xcom, but with a few minor additions: suppression fire, shotguns (and more weaponry in general), and expanded air combat system, more interceptors, more research, a harder to game economic system, and more. It's really worth your time if you like tactical turn-based games!

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Xenonauts is really good and captures what made the first XCOM fun without screwing it up; a surprisingly rare feat when classic games get a remake.
I confess I have not played much of the final release yet. I played a lot of Xenonauts during the Beta builds but I got distracted by the shiny new XCOM and Wasteland 2.
Still, for anyone who loved the original XCOM, Xenonauts is its true successor.

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