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  1. Peanut

    The Infinity Run

    Hey Raindog, glad you are still going strong with infinity. I started back up down in Reno and found a good group established down here. Are you still doing nomads exclusively, or did you branch out?
  2. I ordered up the resin starter set. I doubt I'll be able to find games down here in Reno, but I am really excited by the solo-play aspect of it, and the models. And making some terrain for it maybe, if I can find the motivation.
  3. I had more fun with Armada, though both are great and X-Wing is probably easier to slide in to.
  4. Oh crap all the rules changed didn't they. Time to hit the books
  5. I miss Infinity a lot, no one in Reno plays any kind of mini game (except maybe 40 k but no). I'll take a day off and drive up, count me in!
  6. Peanut

    Taking a break

    Hey guys Im going to tuck the minis away for a while, Im feeling like I need a break. Just thought itd be better to say something than not. Not sure if its a forever break. You guys are all rad though, thanks for letting me play games with you all!
  7. I'd love to do it - hopefully I can get a game in before then and get some practice!
  8. I'd love to. Unsure of how many folks we could get to play.
  9. I would be but I'll be going to Raindog's Rampage. I'll make the next tournament up in Seattle though, I need some KoW.
  10. Peanut

    First PanO

    Wow thats awesome! Id love to learn how to get dirty, ive never tried.
  11. Saturday afternoon or Thursday eve would work if you've got those free.
  12. Anyone feel like getting a game in this week? I need to try out my new forest shamblers.
  13. Peanut

    The Infinity Run

    Thanks but I think luck was with me - the crits saved me a few times.
  14. Looking forward to some games, I'll be there tonight. No pie though :(
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