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WraithKnight Commission LF Painter


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I finally caved in and purchased a new model :gasp: :wacko:


If you know me, you know I swore I'd not buy a new model anytime soon.

Welp, I did.


So I got me a Wraith Knight that needs a sexy paint job. I plan to magnetize all the options so I can equip him however I like.


I'm looking for a great sales pitch: Build or Built, how long you plan to take, your idea for a paint scheme (I'm thinking maybe black with lime green like my tanks, swirl the two on the face to look chaotic, maybe a dark green/emerald, Biel-Tan colors example page 85 of codex, or harlequin theme to match my two troupes), and of course your bid for how much you want to do the job.


If you've seen my army you know I take pride in great paintmenship and the quality of my army.


Thank you for your consideration.

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