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GW Want List H: $$ and Trade


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I thought I would post up my generic want list to see if anyone had anything. If you want to sell or trade just give me a PM.


Trade List

I don’t normally accept Finecast unless the miniature has only been created in Finecast.


Eldar: striking scorpions and a Wraithknight

IG: Valhallans and steel legion…

GK’s:  Plastic Terminator Daemonhammers, Metal Terminator Heraldry shields and Henchmen

SoB: Heavy weapon sisters, special weapon sisters, priests, and also Special Characters

Space Marines: Metal Veterans of all types

BA: death company and special characters

Tau: Riptide battlesuits and special characters also Krootox and Kroot Dogs



Storm of Chaos: Fenbeasts

Daemons: Metal plague bearers and  daemonic steeds

Dogs of War: Special Characters,  Riccos Pikemen, and Bearmen of Ursolo

Kislev: War Wagon and non mounted troops

Dwarfs: Warmachines or Plastic hammerers/Iron drakes

WE: Treekin, Wild Riders, and Sisters of the Thorn

Ogre Kingdoms: Mournfangs, New Plastic beasties, warmachines

WoC: Hellcannon, special characters, Belakor, and Shaggoth or other monsters



Any army that doesn’t have a starter box



Arbites & Redemptionists

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