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questions about IA 8


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Okay, one last question... what parts of IA vol 8 is legal? if i wanna take a mekboy junka as a dedicated transport for my big mek, can i, or does it have to be taken as an elite slot? can i take gun trukk squads? does the stuff in IA 8 have to have been reprinted at some point elsewhere in order to be usable? can i find a list somewhere? are we going by adepticon's rules? fluger? anyone who plays orkz know? I want a list that's usable at other events, not just OFCC. i know most stuff in columbus uses adepticon's guidelines. please help, thanks.

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Thank you pax, but that doesn't really help, sadly. I'm asking which models are LEGAL and which are not? are we going with any specific guildelines? Can I just take whatever, or are certain things okay and others not for OFCC?

So, looking for OFCC specific legality, or 40k general legality?

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