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FS: Dwarf Army


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So I'm going to bid adieu to the Dandyclan soon and I'd see if anybody local was interested in the army first before I ship it off to parts unknown! For reference, this is the dwarf army I have piloted at many of the SPDMs now and includes the scratch built Dandyblimp. The entire army is painted to a tabletop standard with the key pieces receiving extra treatment. These key pieces include, but are not limited to, the gyros, heroes/lords, war machines, and of course the blimp itself. The pictures are to follow and locals can see it in action some time if they want to check it out.


The pictures:













The army includes:

1xDwarf Lord on Shield Bearers (conversion)

1xRune Lord on Anvil (Rune Lord is detachable and on his own base in case you don't want to use the best war machine in the game)

1xThane BSB (OOP model which only came with the 6th ed dwarf army box)

1xRune Priest (OOP 6th ed one and definitely better than the plastic IMHO)

1xEngineer (OOP 6th ed and better than the current Finecrap)



60xDwarf Warriors (30xGW/30xHWSh)


20xSlayers w/ Full Command

2xCannon (one the mini cannon from BfSP)

1xGrudge Thrower

3xGyrocopter (conversions)


2xOrgan Gun

1xDANDYBLIMP (sexy Steve)


I'm looking for around $600+shipping for the lot which is under what GW would charge you and accounts for none of the labor. Shipping can of course be waived if you're in the Seattle area and want me to drive it out to you. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Act now and you'll get a FREE Display Board complete with army placard. I'll also throw in a few more filler models for both the warriors and the Slayers (the warrior filler brings both units to 40 and the Slayers to 27).


If you're interested, give me a holler and we can talk. Understand that there isn't a lot of wiggle room on the army price and I'm not looking to part things out as I do not want to be left with half of a dwarf army.

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