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SAGA - I Friggured it out!

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I've been wracking my brain since Tuesday trying to figure out what Jim and I did wrong during our Saga match and I finally figured it out!

The whole confusion stemmed from me trying to figure out how to make the Vikings' Frigg ability useful. I've heard everywhere I've looked that it's a great ability, but it was nearly useless in our game because every time I wanted to use it in my own Activation phase, Jim would just spend my Fatigue to reduce my movement and then I wouldn't have the fatigue to use in combat and then every time that I wanted to use it as a Defender, Jim would spend my fatigue as the Attacker before I had a chance to use my abilities as the Defender.


We asked Sherbert after the game about it and we thought he cleared it up, but it turns out Sherbert was wrong. I double and triple checked the rules and the Attacker is supposed to activate his battle board abilities AND spend the Defender's fatigue first before the Defender has a chance to activate any of his abilities or spend any of the Attacker's fatigue. This left me back where I started until it dawned on me:


If I activate a unit for a second time, that unit doesn't get fatigue until the END of the movement so Jim couldn't have been spending that fatigue to reduce my movement because you can only do that at the start of an activation! This means that yes, Frigg is useless on the defensive, but it is great for allowing a fatigueless double move and bringing the fight to the enemy.


Do I have this right? I think I do.


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from the faq.

- One FATIGUE is gained after a Movement activation if it was preceded by a Movement Activation or a Shooting Activation this turn, i.e. the first Movement or Shooting activation of the turn does not generate FATIGUE, but any subsquent Movement activation generates one FATIGUE. If the Movement has been used to engage melee, the FATIGUE is gained immediately after the movement, but before the melee is resolved. If the Movement is followed by a shooting (as with javelins) the FATIGUE is gained immediately after the Movement, and before resolving the ensuing shooting.

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Perfect! That's it! So Frigg is most useful if you're attacking, because you get to Frigg your fatigue off before your opponent can spend it, and they can't use that (new) fatigue to stop you from getting into combat because you don't have it until the end of the movement phase. Defending, it's much less useful, as the opponent is going to spend your fatigue before you have a chance to Frigg it. But, it's basically a fatigue-free +1 attack second activation, provided you get in melee.


Pretty useful!

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