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H: Circle, War at Sea W: $$


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Ill try and get more info on all of these up later today or Friday. Im not in any need of cash, I just have not played anything since the 2014 Brawl and dont really have much of a plan to. Kind of more looking to eliminate stuff I haven't been using and get some cash.


Edits in Blue for update


Not to come off the a jackwagon here but, Ive been trading and selling minis for a long time.I work full time in addition to looking after my house, pets, martial arts classes ect. As a result I don't really intend to take a ton of trips to the post office nor do I plan to drive all over the place delivering items. I prefer to sell in larger lots and will also be willing to accept offers on a hand full of items or everything keep in mind the more you want the more negotiable I will be on the pricing. If you want or need to know details about a particular item or group of items please ask. If you want some items please don't ask how much, instead please just make an offer, not a stupid offer but a realistic offer. If you would not be willing to sell your model for the price you plan to offer than I am probably going to say no. I don't have a gold mine and I don't intend to strike it rich but if I wanted to give this stuff away there is a Goodwill dropoff about 2 miles from my house and a LGS that does after school stuff with several local middle schools who I am sure would accept the donation. I will say again dont just send a pm or post how much for X,X,X instead say something like I am willing to pay $X.XX for whateverminis to be delivered or shipped. I will get back to much faster and be much more willing to do a deal. If you are in or near Salem there are a ton of places to meet up if you are in PDX or further south we can pick a middle place to meet up or you can set me up with an address and add shipping cost into your offered price.






War At Sea

US fleet

If you take it all Ill toss in the card binder and any carrying cases I have the stuff packed in at the time.


USS American Victory

USS Edsal

USS Samuel B Roberts

USS John C Butler

Uss Gunston Hall x3

USS Bagley

USS Fletcher

USS Allen M Sumner x3

USS Kid x2

USS S-37 x2

USS Taylor x1

USS Richmond x2

USS Phelps x3

USS St. Lo x1

USS San Diego x2

USS Phoenix

USS Boise

USS Guadalcanal

USS Huston x2

USS Archerfish

USS Montpelier

USS Lexington

USS Enterprise

USS Intrepid

USS Alaska

USS Arizona

USS West Virginia x2

USS North Carolina

USS New Jersey

USS Montana


USS Arizona



B-24D Liberator x4

USMC F4U-IA Corsair x6

TBF-I Avenger

SB2C Helldiver x3


Also a few odd Brits Aussies and Canuks Ill just toss in, Im not really sure when I picked them up. I will include all the cards and a binder as well.



I also have a pretty large pretty well painted O&G force that will be sold as a single lot. At least 4k painted pretty well. Probably another 2k or so unpainted. I can set up pics on request if you PM me. Im not super keen on pitching this army but if I get the right offer Ill consider it


Painted Bitz

164ish painted Night gobbos evenly split between archers and spears usually broken into 4 units with command, 1 netter and 2 fanatics per unit

45ish-50 Savage Orcs mostly plastic some old metals mixed in

60ish Choppa boys all plastic

Assorted Bosses and Warbosses Shamen

Maurder Era Metal Giant (lost keg I think)

Current Plastic Giant

Aracnarock Spider

Stone thrower x1

Bolt Throwers x2

wolf riders x10

Ill have to look and see if there is more painted stuff



about another 30 or so night gobbos

45ish black orcs mostly metal some plastic

1 Wyvern

1 Azhag wyvern (old version)

more bosses and special night gobbos

20ish squigs


probably more

boar boys

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