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Using Lore of Undeath Tactics and Questions

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Hey everyone I have a few questions and ideas but was unsure of how to go about solving them other than to ask.


I downloaded the new magic Undeath lore and although it isn't super amazing it looks like fun. I normally play Dogs of War and since the army is more about fun anyways I think it could be interesting using this lore.


After reviewing the lore I think it would be wise to actually have a unit of undead to bring to the table rather than summoning everything. The DoW list actually offers two undead units in the form of regiments of renown. Most people know of the Cursed Company. I actually own this unit but I find them to be far too many points and fragile. The skeletons are fully tooled out VC skellies (they have all the gear you could possibly take) with a champ that creates more undead by killing the enemies troops.


Now there is another unit that I like called The Nightmare Legion. I usually never field Regiments of Renown because of how expensive they are but this one looks like it could work in a themed list. Unlike normal skeletons these have heavy armor, shields, and halberds. The unit has a champion with a weapon that has devastating charge, and frenzy so he actually puts out quite a bit of hurt. He also has another named guy with heavy armor and two hand weapons to take his challenges for him. The unit starts with 10 guys including both named undead with standard and musician for 150 pts. Adding skellies is 7 pts each.


Would it be a good idea to use the Nightmare legion with the new lore and is the legion even worth the points? I could put summoned characters and even resummon dead troops.


After reading the spells I noticed you can summon quite a bit but what units are actually worth summoning and why?


If you summon a hero can you use the extra allotted points from the spell to purchase generic gear in their army listing or is the hero naked?


I am not a huge undead player and I don't own the Legion as I think the models are kinda ugly. I was thinking of buying boxes of skeletons and adding the grave guard halberds to make the unit authentic. Do the skeleton and grave guard kits blend well?


Thanks for the thoughts as I am always trying to come up with new DoW ideas that function and look cool.



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For the occasional summoned unit I usually go for 10 skeleton archers for chaff,or if you think you can get it off do a boosted Ryze and get out either Crypt horrors or Varghiests...these would be using the signature spell of course but are fairly reliable.


If you get it Rhazkar the abyssal swarm is good,use it to put out Spirit hosts and Dire wolves and don't forget to keep track of your tokens you earn for summoning,they can help out a ton in getting more models on the table.


And yes,when summoning characters you can take magic items/gear with extra points though only items that haven't been used in game yet of course.


Unless your army is designed with summoning as its main purpose you really don't want to bother with the other higher costing summoning spells as they will be hard to get past most opponents and likely result in wasted magic phases.Just use the lore to block and board control when the opportunity arises(yup pun!)

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I would think that a bunker of Skeleton warriors would make a good starting point,size depending on points played,probably like 30 or so at least at 2500 points.Tonb Guard would aslo be good but they are quite a bit more expensive.


Add in a Tomb Prince then place your caster in with them.I usually take SnB with Light armor on the skellies.


For a more dedicated summoning list I would try a Vamp lord on Coven throne.

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