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Trying to understand the new d-sycthes


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SO I have a question on the new d-scythes for the eldar? What str is the flame template? They seam the use str for to figure out in it cause's instant death. So does that mean they are str 4 or str 8 or str 10 to wound?


Also they have - one on the D chart. So does that mean on a rolls of a 1 or 2 they do no damage??

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Look at the d weapon rules in the main book. There is a chart 1 does nothing, 2-5 does multiple wounds allows saves based on standard ap rules, 6 does enough wounds to typically kill all ICs and ignores all saves (including invulnerable). So the Scythe will mostly kill things out right on a 3+ ( allowing saves and might fall short of full wound kills).


I'm being totally lazy here tho my book is down stairs...

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Rumors have it that they count as S 4 for purposes of instant death.


Rolling on the D chart with a -1 means that hits will do nothing on a 1 or 2. On a 3+ the hit will allow invulnerable saves only (no cover because it's a template weapon, no armour because presumably the AP is 1 or 2), with unsaved wounds causing d3 wounds. Against vehicles a 3+ is a penetrating hit causing the loss of d3 hull points instead on 1.

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