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Had a Green Dream!


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Green Wave!


New Ork army rule,the "Green Wave" goes like this;


When choosing Psyker powers and Warlord traits,the Ork player is to count up all of the models in his army that have the Ere we Go army rule,this total is then used to determine when the Green Wave is formed.


During a game turn in which the total of the Ork players non character infantry models with the Ere we Go army rule equal or exceeds 40% of the original total determined from the start of the game, a Green Wave unit is formed and placed into ongoing reserve to arrive during the Ork players next game turn.This new unit can continue to grow in size as qualified models continue to be removed and added to it prior to the new units arrival on the board.Note that it is possible for two Green Waves to be formed in one game.


The unit arrives on the Ork players table edge as per reserve rules,however any models that cant be brought on due to impassable terrain or enemy units blocking them or just not enough room to fit the unit,are lost and removed from play permanently.


The new Green Wave unit looses the Ere we go army special rule as well as any special rules its models had from various detatchements and formations they came from.Addionally models with single shot weapons or combi weapons loose those weapons,except in the case of combi weapons,those retain thier base version.The unit still retains base scoring ability as all non obj secure models have.


Bring back footslogging Orks!

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Green tide isn't cool enough? :)

NO!,Its just ONE wave,what kind of tide is that!




Anyhow, I picked up the Red Waaagh book a few days back to read up on more backstory for my OFCC list and got to thinking just how cool it would be if the Orks actually had an army feature that led it to fight in waves like they so often are described in these back stories.

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