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ITC list critique notes for those unfamiliar with FW rules


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You've probably already noticed these, but I figured I'd point them out in the off chance that players missed them (or I've got them wrong).


Two things in particular:


Legacies of Glory(IA2: 2nd ed., pg244): These are upgrades for SM (including BA, DA, SW and so forth, but not GK) vehicles. These are specifically 1 vehicle upgraded per 1,000pts in the army (wording is army, not detachment). So in the ITC 1850pt games, this means that only a single vehicle per army list is able to have a legacy of glory.


Relics of the Armoury(IA2: 2nd ed., pg243): Special rule on some FW Marine vehicles. Rule itself does nothing in-game, but has impacts on list creation. Primary detachment (aka the warlord's detachment) may take 0-1 relics of the armory without list alteration. To field 2+ in a primary detachment or to field 1+ in a secondary detachment, a "Keeper of the Relics" must be purchased as an HQ for the detachment in question.


Keeper of the Relics is not a specific entry, but varies by codex:

SM: Master of the Forge

DA: Interrogator Chaplain

BA: Reclusiach

SW: Rune Priest with Saga of the Beast Slayer

(There is not a FAQ entry from the FW site if one of the above no longer exists. Unclear how this relates to special character versions of the above.)


It is notable that Relics of the Armoury are counter per vehicle, not per squadron of vehicles. I don't think there are any relic vehicle squadrons, but this is here for completeness.


EDIT: Others are welcome to post other notes regarding FW rules which may aid others in validating posted ITC lists. I'm not too familiar with the non-SM books by FW.

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I would have sworn there was something in the ITC FAQ updating the list of Keepers of the Relics, but I can't find it now. Also, CSM can use a Warpsmith, Abaddon, or a Sorcerer with Malefic Daemonancy as a Keeper of the Relics.


Legacies of Glory are a bit odd. It's one Vehicle per 1000 Points, but there doesn't seem to be a limit on how many Legacies per Vehicle.

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