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Question about Knights

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Hello there,


So with their impending Codex releasing soon and looking at all the sneak peaks, I have a question:


*  each Knight is now a Lord of War, so that means what exactly?


As I understand it, a LoW came out with the "escalation" expansion/rule set/whatever.


So do you add a LoW to a "normal" game of 40k?  Or is it just used in escalation?  Or Apoc?  And how does this affect tournament choices?


Just wondering.


Thanks and stay safe,



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Lord of war is just a battle field role like troops, or hq.


Currently the Combined arms detachment allows one to be part of your force.


There are a few characters that are lots of war. Draigo of the Grey knights, Gazkull of the orks etc.


The Knight book has detachments that allow multiple lords of war. As far as the escalation book goes it lists a number of lords of war for each army and has some scenarios where you get points for destroying super heavy vehicles and gargantuan creatures, from my understanding.


Most tournements are not specifically limiting lords of war, they were limiting super heavy vehicles or gargantuan creatures which were also lords of war. Until the new knight book, imperial knights were super heavies but occupied their own unique battle field role, GW is just making them lords of war and matching some detachments in their book to the new role.

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