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Anyone here looking at writing for general publication? - Need help 5/11/15


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My wife writes professionally (training and tech writing) and as a hobby.  She's been given a great opportunity and needs some help.


If you are interested in writing, this will probably interest you regardless.  Anyone else interested in helping out is also welcome to come check it out.  Below is my wife's request for help.



I participated in a contest on an agent’s website, and I won a query critique. If I get 8 (real) comments on the post TODAY, she will critique my first 100 pages. That’s HUGE.




Here’s the page:





Here are the rules, per the agent:


If the critique gets eight real comments that day (and by real, I mean comments about the choices I made when editing, questions about the critique, discussion about the way the author chose to word something, etc.), then the author will win an additional prize: the "author treatment," in which I will critique the first 100 pages of their novel the same way I would for my clients. Comments by me or by the author do not count.


And here are some suggestions about what you could ask (pick one or two, not all!):


* Say whether you find the book concept intriguing. What you like or don't like
* Ask whether she would request based on the query
* Did you find confusing what she found confusing? Explain
* Ask if loglines are necessary for a query, or if you could jump right in with the pitch
* Ask how important the credentials are
* Ask how heavily she weights the credentials portion in this query
* Ask if this query would be interesting without any related credentials
* Ask if there was one specific thing in this query that made it stand out more than any other thing
* Ask if she thinks this idea is commercially viable
* Ask if when reading, she thinks about specific editors who would like it



Feel free to forward this to ANYONE else who might be willing to help.









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