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Want: Meganobz, Ork DIY vehicles. Have: CSM CD SM DE $$$

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WANT: Meganobz. New or old.


Paying $5-$7 each depending on version and condition. Will also trade for the items below.


Meganob arms as well.


Also looking for battlewagon type vehicles (depending on condition). Not actual battlewagon models. Looking for some cool conversions I can use as FW gun wagons.






4x Pro Painted Obliterators

Old School Bloodletter command NIB (very rare)

10x Pro Painted Daemonettes

10x Pro Painted Horrors (metal)

6x Blood Crusher/Heralds of Khorne/Thunder Wolves

*Converted Marines mounted on Blood Crushers. Mix of storm shields, hammers, fists.




10x new Kabalite Warriors NoS

10-12x new Wyches NoS




1x Captain Tycho NIB

2x Flamestorm Cannon bits

GK Storm Bolter Arms



CSM Codex

Chaos Daemon Codex

IG Heavy Weapon Bits

Metal Warhammer Egrimm Van Horstmann on Dragon (missing wings)

Wood Elf Dryad bits

Fantasy zombie/skeleton bits



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Hello there,


I think I have 2 mega nobz in my orks bitz box.  But they're probably missing arms or something, hence being in my bitz box.  And I know they're metal.


Those interest you or do you only want complete models?


Just lemme know, happy to help.


Stay safe,



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Hello there,


Okay I found the following in my orks bitz box:


*  (1) metal mega nob missing his left arm.  Right arm (separate) is there.  He's even on a base


*  (1) metal mega nob missing his face and both arms


Want me to drop em off at DTG?  Or...?


Don't worry about the trades, happy to help!


Stay safe,



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Hello there,


I'm at work at the PD until Wednesday, my first day off.


If you want 24/7 access I can just leave them at the PD for you to pick up.  Or I'll do my best to come into town early before shift on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday and drop them off.  Kinda hard because I get my lift in then make din din for the fam fam.


Stay safe,



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Aye, at 505 Grand.


I'll bring em in tonight... they're in a sammich baggie with your name on it.


Go in the main double doors, buttonhook hard left.  Pick up the RED phone (goes to Records) and when someone picks up just say you're there to pick up the package Sergeant Almer left you.  No hassles and that way you don't have to wait.


I'll get there around 2000 hours tonight.


Stay safe, sorry if it's a hassle but no days off til Wednesday.



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