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BattleRep - Or, 'Thanks for the beatdown, Pretre!'


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After not touching a GW fig for a few years, I dragged Pretre into a game with me this evening in order to give 7th edition a whirl... and it ended up being quite entertaining on my end, so I thought I'd share some thoughts on it. No, this isn't your 'typical' battlerep - I didn't take notes every turn (not enough time - I was busy removing my figs!) or pics or anything. But I definitely have a lot of solid memories I wanted to put down.


We played 1850 points, with Pretre using his Annihilation tourney army. Without being a Marine player at all, I can remember a unit of Long Fangs, 4 drop pods each with 5 guys in them (one of those units were wolf guard, I remember those going all the way back to second ed, they used to scare the bejeebies out of me). He had a couple rhinos each with 5 guys as well, plus I think it was ~8 of those wolf-cav guys. And, he also introduced me to the Plasma Obliterator, everyone's favorite uncle!


I had a very basic CAD, and took both the Aspect Host from the Eldar book (Warp Spiders, Dark Reapers, and Fire Dragons) as well as the Avenger Shrine Host from the Eldar book. Add to that a unit of Guardians, scorpions, 4 bikes, two Wraithlords and the Farseer, and I think I outnumbered him by about 12-15 models.I thought it would be more, so I was a little nervous to start.


I won the roll-off, and decided to set-up and go first. Of course, that meant I wouldn't be able to see where he would place his Obliterator but I also didn't want drop-pods raining down on me Turn One. He ended up setting the Obliterator in the opposite corner as far as he could from my Fire Dragons and their Waveserpent. Drat!


I am not 100% sure when certain events happened, but I'll detail them here as best as I can.


- Turn one, I remember the Dark Reapers did a little damage to one of his wolf-cav units. That got him angry! Guess where the first Obliterator Pie-plate went? ZOTTTTTTT! Good-bye all but one Reaper! What made the Obliterator nasty was that it was manned by the Long Fangs group! And the Librarian leading it had the ability to re-roll the shot, AND ignore cover! Ouchies! Needless to say, every turn I pulled off at least 4 Aspects (I think his best hit took out 9 guys). I have a healthy respect for this piece now.


- The 9 guy-hit he did was against my Fire Dragons. He shot at an original spot and the shot scattered into an even BETTER Spot that he liked. POOF. 9 FDs gone, and all they had done was snap-fired at a group of five guys from a drop pod. BOOGERS.


- The cav guys were awesome - and I learned the hard way that hiding in a ruin and thinking you're safe just means you AREN'T safe. His cav guys very quickly gobbled up the Guardian squad and the scorpion squad. Pretre said my guys 'tasted like space chicken', whatever THAT means!


- To get revenge, my Avengers went on overload, and I used their ability to increase their shots by 1. That means in the turn I used the 'super-bladestorm- ability, I got ~80 shots. Lots of wolf cav died - BARELY. Pretre had a few with stormshields, and he did fairly well on his saves. Of course I left him with one wolf-cav guy left....


-...Who promptly went on a rampage and single-handedly wiped-out a unit of Avengers AND my Farseer (they lost the combat and LOVED failing their morale test). This fella was an EPIC HERO....


-... Until I brought one of the Wraithlords in to finish him off. Still, the tough guy on his wolf lasted two rounds before going down. May the Emperor be praised! (or whatever you Marine players shout all the time when you play!)


- The Jetbikes were useless. I rarely knew what to do with them in previous editions, and I was quite nervous about them tonight. T4 and a 3+ save... they are essentially REALLY fast marines! Pretre gave me some ideas, though, which I will focus on using next time.


- Bladestorm... -rocks-. I didn't roll a TON of 6's, but I rolled my fair share, I think Pretre would agree. He had some 'shred' weapons which were pretty scary too.


- Freakin' Drop pods! They should have an AV of, like, 6! I actually could have extended the game a turn had I destroyed one that was sitting on one of my objectives. I did 2 out of 3 hull points to it! So close! I don't think an extra turn would have helped -much-, but I think it would have made the game closer in the end.


- Eldar psychic powers are still good.... if you get the right ones. Mind War is still juicy as it ever was. Executioner - not so much. Guide? "Old Faithful", i'd call it. Overall an interesting phase now.


- I wrecked BOTH of Pretre's Rhinos. Shouldn't I get some sort of award for that? I was -sure- I got bonus points or free tacos or SOMETHING, but alas, Pretre just shrugged.


- At the end of the game, he won 4-2. The use of the maelstrom cards was quite interesting, and made what was worth points different from turn to turn, which was very different from what I remember playing years ago. Very fluid.


- I need to learn to watch my ass. Or rather, my Wave serpent's ass.


- I now know how ruins work! Yayyy! No more gift-wrapping expensive units for my opponent! :)


- More stuff to combat AV14. Yes yes, precious.


- Pretre was an awesome opponent. Friendly and -very- patient as I remembered how to do basic things, and learned on the spot a lot of things about 7th. I just got my 7th ed books last week and only had a chance on a few days to read through the rules a bit. Of course, for -some- reason he wouldn't let me flank-march in a large group of genestealers I didn't pay for, but I thought that was the ONLY unsporting thing he did. Otherwise, he was a gentleman!


- I love laid-back games like this. "Oh, you forgot to move your guys? Go for it." or "You might not want to do that...." and so on, giving me the chance not to embarrass myself as I re-learned stuff, was greatly appreciated!


- Did I mention I took out both Rhinos? I am sure many of you will be -impressed- by that. Not bad for no D, no wraithknights, no scatterbikes!


- If I recall correctly, as soon as Pretre pie-plated my Reapers into the dirt, the last remaining Reaper didn't hit anything again until the last turn, where I think he took out a single Grey Hunter... that was like 9 miles away from him. I think he was trying -not- to attract the attention of the Obliterator again....


- I think Pretree was happier with his wolf-cav, but I still think the Plasma Oblit was the MVP. I really had no counter for it. You really can't 'hide' from it. I -could- hurt his cav (and I did), and his cav did mow down a lot of stuff. Both were nasty and worked really well together.


- I actually did get my bikes onto the objective right NEXT to the plasma oblit. For a moment - a fleeting 37 seconds - I denied him the ability to claim it! But then all my guys stuck their fingers in a light-socket together... as I totally forgot about his Librarian inside the Oblit who then turned on the light switch with his psychic powers. Bye-bye bikes!


That's all I remember right now. From start to finish, a great time. Just over 4 hours to play, mostly my fault due to slowness. I felt bad keeping him up so late, but then again, he plays Marines! He'll tough it out for the tournament tomorrow! :)


Thanks again Pretre for the great game! :)



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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Plasma oblit and priest is crazy scary combo, I let the fear of it mitigate my game, you just have to accept its there and make sure pretre rolls his get hot rolls ;).


If you have a tool for it force it hard, if you don't, ignore it and get in combat. Which is kind of a hard strategy when getting in combat means you are forced to get in with Thunderwolves.

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