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H: Blood Bowl Teams W: PayPal Or Trade


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I have a Full Desert Dogs team and an Apes of Wrath team. The Apes are all brand new in package never even touched. The Desert Dogs are 2/3 primed and the rest NIB. I am open to offers on this one as I am unsure of what everyone would offer in the first place.


I went to the Impact Website and some of the teams are down for images. This is what I have though due to searching.


Desert Dogs:


Nicely Primed Black:


1 Thrower

3 Basic Blockers

4 Dervishes

2 Midfielders

4 Strikers




2 Midfielders

2 Dervishes

2 Strikers


Total Players: 20

Total Retail: 80 bucks


Advice: If you were to throw in the Dogs of War Sheikh for a coach and then get an Araby Maneater in Finecast for a little modding you have a perfect human Araby team.


Apes Team:These are all NIB


4 Gorilla Blockers

4 Gorillas Blitzers

2 Chimp Midfielders

2 Chimp Runners

2 Orangutan Throwers


Total Players: 14

Total Retail: 93 Dollars


Advice: I would play this as an Orc team personally but perhaps you have other ideas. Throw in a very large gorilla as a Troll.

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