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Warhammer 40K, Magic + Other for sale on ebay


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Clearing out a lot of the collection of gaming stuff that is collecting dust.


Right now I've got several mythic rares from 2015 modern masters and origins up, along with a 40K Munitorum Edition rulebook.  I'll be adding X-wing, more magic, and others in the near future.  


I'm happy to deliver anything board members purchase in person and save everyone the hassle of shipping.  If you're looking for something - shoot me a PM - I'm focusing on Magic sales, x-wing, and maybe a few miniatures games at the moment.  


My ebay user name is "stormwind" - this link should take you to the full listing:  http://www.ebay.com/sch/stormwind/m.html?item=171872702551&hash=item2804695057&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Says you can't receive pms.


What do you have for xwing? I'm interested in mainly empire.

Save you some eBay fees to meet up. I play at club house each Tuesday.


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So here's the summary of what I have - everything is pretty much mint and un-played - group fell apart before it got started... Includes all the "stuff" from the starter set and each of the expansions - two of the expansions are still in the box. Pictures below...


Original retail:


Base set (2X TIE Fighter, 1X X-wing + rules, dice, etc.):  $40

2X Extra X-wings:  2 @ $15 = $30

2X Extra TIE Fighters:  2 @ $15 = $30

1X Y-Wing:  $15

1X TIE Bomber:  $15

3X A-Wing:  3 @ $15 = $45

1X TIE Advanced:  $15

1X B-Wing:  $15

2X TIE Defender:  2 @ $15 = $30

1X Imperial Aces:  $30

1X Lambda Class Shuttle:  $30

1X Slave 1:  $30

1X Millennium Falcon:  $30

1X Rebel Transport Set:  $60

1X Tantive IV:  $90

1X Battlefoam PACK 720 + three X-wing trays:  $150


Normal Retail:  $595

Want:  $400 OBO















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