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WTS: Orks, Moving out of state


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Hello Ordo


I'm moving out of state and I'm selling ALL of my GW stuff (ALL!). First up is my 40k Ork army. Everything is unpainted, a few things are primed. I have included one picture, for the custom Buggies. All of the rest is pretty standard stuff. I really don't have time to part everything out so I would like to just make someone a really good deal for everything.


1 Forgeworld "Runt Bot", Con exclusive (I used him as a Warboss)

1 Forgeworld Warboss on Warbike

1 Snikrot (metal, in blister)

1 Mad Dok Grotsnik

1 Ghazghkull Thraka

1 Warboss with BigChoppa (metal)

1 BigMek with KFF (metal)

2 BigMek with ShockAttack Gun, 1 build, one not

1 Painboy on foot (metal)

3 Warboss, plastic from AOBR

1 Ork with WaaaGH banner (metal)

1 Nob metal

10 Nobz, plastic (current kit)

10 Nobz, plastic fro AOBR

3 MegaNobz (FineCast)

3 Orks on Warbikes

1 Ork on Warbike w/PK

1 Ork on Warbike, converted Painboy

3 Warkbikes various stages of assembly

20 Lootas

15 Burrna boyz

1 box of Orks Burna/Lootas

20 Gretchin w/Ork Slavers

30 Boyz w/Shootas, 3 Rockets, 1 Nob w/PK

30 Boyz w/Shootas, 3 Rockets, 1 Nob w/PK

2 Ork Trukks

12 Boyz w/2ccw, Nob w/PK

12 Boyz w/2ccw, Nob w/PK

22 Boyz w/2ccw (AOBR)

4 Orks w/BigShootas (AOBR)

2 Orks 2/BigShootas

1 box of Ork Truck Boyz (includes boyz and trukk, on sprue)

1 BattleWagon, w/DeffRoller

3 Dakka Jets

1 Deff Dread w/4 CCW

3 Converted Ork Buggies w/Rockets

6 Killa Kanns (current)

1 Stompa, 3/4 built (body, arms, head, built but not attached)

1 Stompa extra head and chest plate (was going to use it as an objective) 

8 DeffKaptas (AOBR)

4 Metal Ork Kamandos

1 Blister metal Gretchin

1 Blister metal Ork Slaver

1 set of Ork Barricades

All of the bits from above kits and far to many years of playing 40k.


To buy everything above (but not the AOBR) it would cost you 1900$ The closest to half that gets everything.



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To make this an even better deal. Bump it up to 1000, and I'll include my SpaceMarines:


2 Razorbacks



10 Sniper Scouts

1 Heavy Bolter Scout

Spacemarine x10 w/PF & MG

Spacemarine x10 w/PF & MG

Spacemarine x6 w/Lascannon

Spacemarine x6 w/Lascannon

Assult squad x10 w/PF

Venerable Dreadnought, Metal, guilded chapel looking one

+a bunch of spacemarine parts


Now Da Orks will have some Hummies to fight!

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