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Grey Knights army for Sale want $$ or Specific Khador stuff


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A buddy of mine is getting out of 40k and wants more Khador stuff, he's asking me to take care of selling it for him.


Here is what he's got (they are all the newest version of the model except metal not finecast).  


Grey knights with sword – 17 unpainted 6 painted | 22 total
Grey Knights with psycannons – 2 painted 4 unpainted | 6 total
Grey Knights with Halberds – 9 unpainted
GK jump squad with sword – 9 unpainted
Gk jump squad with hammer – 1 painted
Grey knight terminators with sword – 5 (2 with psycannons) unpainted
Grey knight terminators with Halberds – 2 unpainted
Grey knight terminators with hammer – 2 unpainted
Grey knight terminator with Banner/medic - 1 unpainted
Grey knights with thunder hammers – 2 unpainted
Jakero – 4 unpainted
Rhino – 1 unpainted
Chimeria – 1 unpainted
FW greyknight dreadnought with TL autocannons – 2 unpainted
Storm Raven – 1 unpainted
Dreadknight with fists/flamer – unpainted
Coteaz – 1 unpainted
GK librarian in terminator armor – 1 painted
I'm looking at unloading the whole thing for $300.  
I priced out all the individual components based on successful eBay sales and came up with an average cost per model.  Added together it was $425 dollars all parted out.  So, if you want to try and buy this and resell it, this could work out for you.  Note that the Dreadnoughts are all FW so they are pretty cool.  
I'm trying to get him to take pictures of it to post, and if you're legitimately interested I can make that happen.  
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