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Viable Empire Builds?

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I've been away from X-Wing for a little while, but I've been playing a little more recently. Unfortunately, it seems to me that most of the new toys that have been coming out have primarily benefited Rebels and to a lesser extent Scum while leaving the Imps in the dust a bit. So, what I'm wanting to know is - what Imperial builds are viable in the current X-Wing meta? I've been running Chireneau/Vader mostly so far and it's done okay, but 2-ship builds aren't my favorite so I'd like to find something new that can compete in the current field. Thoughts?

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Tie swarm is still viable with someone like you flying.


The Decimator/Dauntless/Isana/Engine uograde just got slightly nerfed.


Imperials are real tough to find a good build right now.


The new TIE punisher is offering some really good options, mainly because of its shields.


Rebels and scum can throw crits out so many diff ways that shields play a huge role for imperials now.


Let us know what you find out.

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