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League night recap 9/18


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Had a couple of games going on we played the scenario for the week "the Rotwater Blight".


Blustorm and I squared off with 6 warscrolls each,he had the Khorne starter set and I used my Stormcast,mostly the starter but switched out a unit of Liberators so I could try out my new Knight-Venator,then added in an extra Prosecutor and one Retributor.


The effect of the Pit of Doom and Fountains of Life were quite brutal for both of us with Blustorm loosing several Reavers and even some Blood Warriors plus misc wounds on his Hero`s,I lost my Lord Celestant to a Pit of Sludge and took 4 wounds on my Venator plus a few other models(Liberator and Prosecutors).At first glance its easy to dismiss these special scenario terrain/environmental effects as being too random and strategy killing but after playing all the scenarios,im starting to like having them in the game,chaotic,yes,but we all know the good thing about Chaos...its fair.


I managed to grab the seed first with the speed of my Prosecutors and thought I had this in the bag but had forgotten about the extra charge range buffs the Khorne force had and Blustorm was able to catch me rather quickly.We ended up with a pretty good scrap in the middle with the seed changing hands a few times as we fed more units into the fight.We both ended up pretty whittled down after a few turns and called it at the start of turn 5.It was pretty much a draw and certainly a great battle!


Really liked this scenario and probably wouldn't do much to alter any of the rules on it.It may seem like the kind of fight were you want to bring another fast force but really,its not easy to get away from someone when they are 12-18" away as your opponent will most likely have at least one fast unit or speed boosting ability.So taking at least one seed transporting unit is a must but the rest of the force doesn't really need to be fast and could certainly be hard hitters of average speed.One thing that may need to be looked at as a possible issue would be players using the deep strike formations or heavy summoning.They could drop in an turn one if they go first AND place blockers in the way making it very difficult to counter.



Looking forward to next weeks battle:)

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Great writeup! I'm in full agreement with your assessment of the scenario. After watching your Prosecutors pick up the seed, I didn't really think I had much of a chance. It's easy to forget about how much the turn sequence in AoS can change the odds in your favor. I did think I got lucky with my first charge, though, but it ended up making it more of a game than it was looking like at first.


I'm definitely going to have to play quite a few more games with this force, to really get the feel of what it can do.

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