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Im kicking around an Idea for the 750 escalation game.


Black Templars


Chaplin Grimaldus with 2 cenobytes (180pts)

Emperor's Champion (140pts)


Crusader squad (199 pts)

initiate with bolters x4

initiate with plasma cannon

initiate with plasma gun

razorback with dozer blade, lascannon and twinlinked plasma gun, storm bolter


crusader squade (230 pts)

sword brother with powerfist, combi-melta

initiate with chainsword x7

initate with power axe

initiate with meltagun

neophyte with sword x2


total 749 pts


now I plan on running grimaldus and company and the champion with the big marching hand to hand squad and the razorback squad to run up and blast the enemys big things with the tank as protection. It also gives me the option to use the razorback to secure objectives because it is taken as part of the troop choice crusader squad it is also objective secure.


now the dozer blade and the storm bolter are 5pts each, I can dump them and add another neophyte, or I can change the razorback to a rhino that is less firepower but then I can add more troops / maybe even another whole unit with tweeks of the existing units.


My concern is at this point value most people will be running probably 4+ units and this is esentially 2 units with the abilit to split the tank and the indi characters off for additional units....... I am thinking most people will be concerned with the tank that it will draw the most attention so my slow march of the big punchers will be an after thought


Thoughts, tweeks, and sugestion........ GO!

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turn the razorback's armament int oa twin-linked lascannon. you'll never get full use out of the las-plas. you have plenty of plasma as is too. the dozer blade and storm bolter arent useful for what you're taking it for, ditch them for another body. i'd also ditch grimmy. he's an army buffer, and you only have one foot squad in this army. my suggestion is go for multiple cheaper squads. drop the emp's champ. and do two smaller foot squads. do 10 initiates, meltagun, and p-fist. that hsould 185. do two of those.


you freed up 230 from the big squad, 10 from the razorback and 140 from the emps champ. that gives you 380 points total. so, as is, you can run two of the squads i mentioned, for 360 points. and put in a scout in each.

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