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Rules Question: Enfrentate a Mi and LoS


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Hey guys, was listening to a podcast where they implied Francisco Ortega's Enfrentate a Mi doesn't require LoS.


I thought that ALL Actions require LoS (and in range) unless otherwise specified.  However perhaps the exact wording of his ability means he can choose any target within 7"?  Here's the text; what do you guys think, am I wrong, and he *can* pick his target without LoS?

Target an enemy model within 7".  Place this model into base contact with the target.  Push all other friendly models engaged with the target up to 5" directly away from the target.
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Any action that requires you to "Target" something requires LoS, so unless there is some other rule interaction we're missing that's not possible. I know the Watcher can give the friendly leader the ability to draw LoS from it... Is Francisco a henchman and was perhaps leading a small game that they were talking about?

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