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Rules Question: Diestro and LoS


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Back with another thought: I was reading the "Diestro" upgrade card and had an idea.  Here's the text


Geometric: Models engaged by this model suffer
- to all Df Duels against Sh Attack Actions.
Circular: Models do not flip a card for this model
when determining a random target while shooting
into an engagement.

My thought is that I can give Diestro to my model (say Francisco), then I can use him for LoS tricks, by engaging an enemy model (say Lilith, who is the reason I spend so much time thinking about ways around LoS).  Lilith herself may be out of LoS of my shooter (say Nino).  But Nino can target Francisco (nothing on the Diestro card says otherwise), but then we determine the target randomly and since I don't flip for Francisco, it's going to be Lilith.  

Seems like a pretty nice trick.  Any reason it won't work?

Also, even if Lilith has cover, the Diestro ability will negate the minus-flip on the attack.  Even better!

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